Over the last 13+ year’s we’ve been married, my husband and I have have made a lot of moves.  We have lived in the Southwest and the Midwest.  Specifically, we lived in NM, IN, NM, IL and now we are back in New Mexico again for good.  You can see that my personal style has slowly changed over time and with each passing year, I feel like I am honing in on it a little better.

I am on a journey to create a home that feels fully like us and yet still nods to the desert life.

How to create a MODERN SOUTHWEST home (our current home):

LIVING ROOM (our current home):

DIY Large Scale Artwork | Disco Balls in our everyday decor | Gorgeous Gray Burrow Sofa

SHOP our living room – 

KITCHEN (our current home):

Update your kitchen for <$300 | How to Install Removable Wallpaper 

SHOP our kitchen – 

DINING ROOM (our current home):
Recently featured in HGTV magazine!

Modern Southwest Dining Room | Mix and Match Artwork | Creating a Wallpaper look without Wallpaper

SHOP our dining room –

BACK PATIO (our current home):

5 Must do tips for updating your back patio

SHOP our back patio – 

OFFICE / GUEST ROOM (our current home):

How to make a creative Gallery Wall | Brushstroke Painted Wall | Interior Paint Sprayer

SHOP my office / guest room – 

MODERN MASTER BEDROOM (old old house):
SHOP our master bedroom –

CRAFT ROOM (rental house):

LIVING ROOM (rental house):

GUEST ROOM + OFFICE (old old house):

KITCHEN (old old house):

BIG GIRL’S BEDROOM (rental house):

FRONT STOOP (rental house):

KID’S SHARED BEDROOM (old old house):





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