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Creative and Fun Plant Crafts :

If you have been around Delineate Your Dwelling for very  long, then you know my love for all things green and growing runs very deep.  I was a practicing Landscape Architect for 8 lovely years before starting an Etsy shop, and then starting a new creative journey, my blog.

Loads of creative + fun Plant Craft ideas! From Pilea care tips, pineapple head decor, peach painted bags, how-to herb gardens and more cactus crafts than you could imagine! Delineate Your Dwelling #plantcrafts #plantcraftsforadults

My heart feels so happy when I am surrounded by gardens and all green living things.  From flowers to trees to my numerous collections of indoor house plants – I love them all.   

Plant Care

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Plant Craft Book

Also, I have heard that you all are VERY interested in a Plant Craft Book.  So, I am working on gathering all my plant projects and a few new exclusive ones and will soon be bundling them all together in one easy to download PDF file.  EXPECT TO SEE THAT SOON!

It probably is not much of a surprise to see how often plant crafts and flower pots make it into my daily life, creative ideas and projects.  

These are some of my most popular Plant crafting related projects:
His and Her DIY Face Planters
Cactus Printable
Modern Terrariums
Painted Mini Watermelon Bags

Looking for fun 5 minute plant craft ideas?  I have some of the best plant crafting idea right here for you.

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