How to Wrap and Gift Plants + Printable Tags

INSIDE : What better gift than the gift a living thing!  Learn how to wrap and gift plants to friends and family.  Also download simple leaf printable plant tags to include with your plant present.

Plant Wrapped with Peach Fabric Gifts

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This post has been updated since it’s original publish date of November 2019.

I used to think boyfriends would really KNOW me if they gave me plants instead of flowers – ha!  Well, fast forward 20 years and I still feel like houseplants are the most amazing gifts to give people.

Paper wrapped plant gift

Today I am sharing three different ways to wrap and gift indoor houseplants.  

Plus, I also made fun little leaf printable plant tags to include with your plant gifts. You can get them at the bottom of the post.

Wrapped Plant presents

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Wrapped Potted Plant

There is something about gifting plants that is just magical. Add onto that being able to present your plant in a fun and lovely way and it’s icing on the cake!

Being able to give a wrapped potted plant is easier than you think and there are numerous ways to accomplish that look which I will share below.

Wrapped Plants

I designed plant tags in both black and white or you can download them in green.

Fabric wrapped Kale plant gift

What supplies do I need to gift wrap a plant pot?

There are numerous ways you can wrap plant pots to give as a present.  I talk in more depth about three of the ways below (wrap with fabric, wrap with paper and wrap with leaves).

The basic supplies needed to wrap your plant pots are : 

Plant Gift Wrap supplies

How to wrap a plant with a fabric towel (or burlap):

The supplies you need to wrap a little baby kale plant with a fabric towel or burlap are very simple.

You will need:

  • A kale plant
  • A piece of fabric (I used a thin striped dish towel)
  • A piece of yarn
  • Hot Glue
Plant Gift-Kale supplies
  1. To wrap your kale plant, start by placing it in the center of your spread out fabric.
  2. Next, starting folding your fabric up at both the top and bottom and then fold the two ends to look like as if you were folding a present.
  3. Tuck those folded ends under your plant to create a square shape with the fabric.
Plant Gift-Wrap fabric around Kale Plant

4. Lastly, pretend that your kale container is the bottom portion of a gift and fold your fabric as if it was paper.  Using your hot glue gun, add just a dab of hot glue to secure and hold the fabric in place!
5. Wrap a section of yarn around your planter a few times and tie in a sweet little bow.

Plant Gift-Kale secure with glue

How to wrap a plant with brown wrapping paper:

The supplies needed to wrap a miniature palm plant with brown wrapping paper are simple, but mighty.

You will need:

Plant Gift-Palm supplies
  1. Start by cutting your paper into a square shape.  You can achieve this by making a triangle and cutting down any excess paper.
  2. Next, hot glue two opposite corners to your pot.
  3. Hot glue the other two opposing corners to your pot.
Plant Gift-Palm wrapping with paper steps

4. Treat your plant pot and paper like a gift wrapped present and fold and secure with a dab of hot glue to hold.

Plant Gift-Palm securing paper

How to wrap a succulent with fake Monstera leaves:

The supplies needed to wrap a succulent plant with leaves are fun ones!

You will need:

  1. Begin by deciding the best placement for your faux Monstera Leaf.
  2. Add hot glue to your leaf and then place the glass vase over top.  Gentle roll the glass vase back and forth to help making the leaf lay flat against the vase.
  3. Continue to add hot glue to your Monstera leaf and roll the vase onto it.
Plant Gift-Succulent wrapping steps

4. Once your leaf has been secured around the entire glass vase, trim off any excess leaf along the bottom of the vase.  I left about a half inch of leaf to fold over.  Add little bits of hot glue and slowly fold the extra leaf under for a clean flat bottom.

Plant Gift-Succulent gift

How to make paper Plant Gift Tags:

The perfect touch for your wrapped plant pot gift is including a leaf plant gift tag!

You will need:

Printable Plant Gift tags
Plant Gift wrapped in yarn and green striped fabric
  1. Start by downloading my Plant Tags file (see below to download file) and print them either at home or at your local print shop.
  2. Using scissors, cut out the leaf shape.
  3. Add a small dab of hot glue to the back of your leaf tag and place a small wooden skewer in the glue.  This is how you will stick your tag into the soil and plant.
Plant tags in black and white and green

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Plant presents wrapped with knitted yarn


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