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I guest posted a few weeks ago at Homegrown + Healthy and I’m so excited to now share with you my “So Thankful” thanksgiving banner.   I’ve been wanting to do a craft with a book forever and this was a great opportunity.
So head to your local thrift store, grab an old book and let’s get started!
Thankful Banner, Delineate Your Dwelling
One. Tear out pages from your book.  (This was a hard step for me.  I felt like I owed the book to first read it before taking it apart.  I got a 400+ page book, so this just was not going to happen in an evening.)
Two. Using a pencil, sketch out your letters on each page.
Three. Pull out your old watercolor set from high school (Mine was a little dusty) and paint your letters.  I had fun with this part.  I forgot how many layers of color you can use with watercolor!
 Book Banner steps, Delineate Your Dwelling

Four. Trace the book page onto some scrapbook paper.  I wanted the pattern of the paper to show just a little on the bottom, so I made the height just an 1.5″ longer than the book page.  I also added a thin line of gold foil paint to the bottom of the scrapbook paper.

 Book Banner S, Delineate Your Dwelling
Five. Pull out your sewing machine and sew all the letters together in one nice long banner line!
Book Banner sew, Delineate Your Dwelling
Book Banner T, Delineate Your Dwelling
Six. Hang your banner in a spot you will see often and remember all the ways your are “so thankful”.
Book Banner , Delineate Your Dwelling
I added a green leaf that I cut out of spare scrapbook paper, to help separate the two words.
Book Banner fireplace, Delineate Your Dwelling
Now that you know how to make this easy Thankful Banner, what other sayings will you be using for your banner?


21 thoughts on “So Thankful Book Banner

  1. I love the colors you picked! Bright blue and orange go so well together and I can’t be sad when I look at them! I also love your use of book pages, I have some lying around from altering books and now I have some ideas of what to do with them!

  2. Hey there Amy! I absolutely love this banner! It’s very unique and I love that you stitched it; so adorable! Love the colors you used for the letters as well! I am definitely pinning this to my crafts board! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up to The PINcentive Blog Hop :o) Hope you are having a fantastic week and HAPPY Friday!

    [email protected]

  3. This is so cute! What a easy project to do with your kids. Great idea! I’m gonna pin this one to our talent board! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!!

    from MinettesMaze

  4. What a great way to decorate for Thanksgiving! I would have to pick the longest book ever, like you, and never read it. I’d feel weird about tearing out pages of a book. But who knows, maybe you’d like it better, tear out the pages you especially like and hang them in your home.

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