I know I am always asking this question, “How can I make my home more organized while still looking pretty?”  Well, an organized home, is a happy home in my opinion.  Check out some of my latest ideas on how to get your home and life organized.

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2 thoughts on “ORGANIZATION.

  1. Hi!

    Really cute, crafted blog! I downloaded the hand lettered 2016 calendar last year and I was wondering whether you’re going to upload a 2017 printable one in the next few months. I have it hung up on my wall and it gives my bedroom a really cool touch.



    1. Thanks so much for contacting me, Pat! And I love to hear you are enjoying your 2016 calendar. I am definitely releasing one for 2017! I think it will be shared the first week of November, so keep your eyes open for it. 😉

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