All my favorite Planners.

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Favorite Planners for 2023

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Oh my heavens, do I love planners.  I would say the effort I put into finding a great planner surpasses my effort in finding a good wall calendar… which if you recall is fairly high on my life importance list, ha.  So now that we’ve got THAT out of the way, we can move onto All of my favorite Planners for the upcoming year.

Call me old fashion, but there is something wonderful about putting pencil to paper.  I use various digital calendars to keep my family’s schedules on track.  And I share what feels like a million Google Calendars with my husband.  

But when it comes to blogging and those types of daily tasks I need to keep on top of, I always use a paper planner.  Today I am sharing some of my favorite ones.

Paper Schedulers

I tried with all my heart to use a new planner this year and by mid February decided to repurchase my very favorite, VERY SIMPLE planner again. I can’t stop with this one. I’ve used it for YEARS now. I just love it’s simple monthly format.

What kind of planner are you going to get?  Honestly, I’d love to know so share below with me!

Simple Brown Kraft Paper Planners

Spiral Bound Planners

Fun Graphic Covers

Customizable Planners

Happy 2023 friends!SaveSave

6 thoughts on “All my favorite Planners.

  1. I LOVE planners. I’ve used a paper planner my whole life and save every single one:) I use them for memory keeping too. I have been a die hard Happy Planner girl for many years but this year I’m trying a Passion Planner – I’ll let you know how I like it:)

      1. Yeeessss!!! Bullet Jounal has changed my life. I never knew what a planner and list maker I was until I discover Bullet Journal. And the best part is that you can use any notebook you want, or add your own touches to each page as you choose. It can be the most simple, minimalistic approach, or can be as embellished, colorful articulations as you desire. It is the best at capturing everything in my brain, gives me all the pages and space I need to organize, sift through, and plan for the future, helps me stay on top of EVERYTHING I need to do NOW, and captures the moments I want to remember or cherish and also gives me the ability to have some sort of data to really reflect on so I can see meaningful progress or where I can actually makes significant changes. A life changer. And I’m a lover of the Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid notebooks. Delicious color options.

        1. Oooooh! I like hearing all this information about a planner!! I’m heading over to check it out now… because who knows, I just might need three planner/journals in my life. 😉 Thanks Meg. xo

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