Jewelry Projects

 I love making and crafting jewelry projects!  Not only does it make me feel unique and set apart with my one of a kind accessory, but making your own jewelry is such fun.  You are able to customize and create just for your own personal preferences.

Plus, as styles in earrings, bracelets, bangles and necklaces change over the years – it could cost so much to constantly be changing all your favorite go-to accessories.  Making your own jewelry is not only fun, but also can be a very cost effective option!

These are some of my most popular jewelry projects:
Faux Agate Leather Cuff
Painted Wooden Bracelet
DIY Glitter Watch

And you can check out some of my recent colorful and creative jewelry making blog ideas right here.

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1Painted Wooden Bracalet
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faux aqua agate leather cuff,
2 Gold Necklace, Delineate Your Dwelling