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I’m Amy Weir and I started this creative blog in May of 2013.  You can learn more about where Delineate Your Dwelling has been featured here.

I love being able to create and I believe we are ALL made to live creative lives (whether in big or small ways).  

It is an honor that I get to share the excitement I find in the making of a home with you, my readers.

I believe to my core that building a beautiful home doesn’t have to cost a million dollars. Through…

Your home is a sacred place. It’s a place to rest, recuperate, make memories and have fun so all the more reason to celebrate that every single home should be unique and be a reflection of yourself and your family.

And my favorite thing about being a DIY Home Decor blogger is sharing how you can do all those things with simple materials! Whether you are painting artwork for your home, growing plants to create a sense of warmth or thrifting a new sitting chair… home should be easy and fun!

I love
I am drawn to simple graphic patterns, all the plants and cheerful but muted colors.  I love bringing natural elements with a modern twist into my home.  If West Elm + CB2 had a baby, it would be my dream collaboration!

I went to college at Purdue University and practiced Landscape Architecture for eight wonderful years.  I’m now a mama to two kiddos and my creative juices did not stop just because I wasn’t sitting in a design office.  In fact they multiplied ten fold.

Delineate Etsy Shop

I started by creating small graphic prints and invitations for my online Delineate Paper Etsy Shop (now my prints are available on Shopify).  

I slowly realized I loved sharing the creative process with people rather than simply giving them a completed product.  It is my greatest joy when friends and readers share projects they’ve been inspired to create.

I completely agree and love this Nate Berkus quote, “There should be items in your home that sing a little song to you when you walk by.

Whether it’s a favorite family photo, artwork that speaks to your heart, a recent DIY or your new favorite plant – be sure to fill your home with YOU.  There is no one just like you, let your home embrace that!

 Follow on this journey with me, as we all create together!

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