Marbling Projects

Craft Marbling Projects :

I really adore creative marbling projects.  It is such a quick and easy way to elevate a simple object.  You can never replicate the exact look marbling gives, so every project is a true one of a kind!  I have marbled with Nail Polish, marbled with Shaving Cream and marbled with Acrylic Paint.

Regardless if you have been a long time crafter or this if your very first project, using simple marbling techniques can produce masterpieces for all.

I love marbling so much so that I even wrote a craft book all about it! As of today, my Marbling book is now available at Walmart,  Amazon and Target CHECK IT OUT NOW

Marbling Craft Book

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If you are looking for an overview on all things marbling, you might like my in depth overview  Marbling 101 post.  I share about all the tips and tricks I have learned over the years.

These are some of my most popular marbling projects and posts:

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