Vegetable Garden

There is something so wonderful and satisfying about growing your own food. I love that it makes me slow down. There is planning that is involved, there is sowing seeds and planting the vegetables in their ideal locations. There is fertilizing, watering and weeding to keep your plants and veggies strong and healthy. And then in the end, you hopefully will have a bountiful harvest as your reward!

I have grown a vegetable garden about ten years now. I have grown vegetables in containers and pots. I have grown veggies in very small gardens in the ground. I have grown herbs in stacked pots. And I have grown food in raised vegetable beds. I have tried to take all that knowledge and share it below in the blog posts.

Garden Journal

I bought this beautiful Olive Green journal and use it for jotting down Vegetable Garden notes. I write

Favorite Veggie Garden ideas

Vegetable Garden posts :

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