Best Raised Vegetable Garden Tools

INSIDE : Learn which are the Best Raised Vegetable Garden Tools that you need to have a thriving and bountiful harvest this year. From the best hand pruners, work gloves and garden twine this collection will help set you up with a bountiful budget friendly garden!

Best Vegetable Garden Tools

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This post has been updated since it’s original 2020 publish date.

Last week, I shared that big and fancy doesn’t always mean better in my post about growing a Simple Raised Vegetable Garden.  I just went and looked at the pictures and am in shock about how much all the veggies have already grown.

Part of growing big healthy vegetables and flowers in your yard is using the right garden equipment and tools.  Do you need all new tools and gadgets to get the job done right?  No way, but many of these are tried and true tools that really do help and aide in time saving or ease of gardening.

What every gardener should own

Raised Garden Beds

To start, you need a place to grow your vegetables. If you aren’t growing them in the ground, these are the raised beds I have – White Vinyl 4’x4′ beds (or this one).

Simple vinyl raised garden bed
Square Vinyl Garden Bed

I don’t own a Vego bed, but I have heard the best things about them. They come in multiple colors and sizes (I really love this small round one!). AND some of them you can get with self watering systems built in. They are very cool options for raised beds.

Custom Vego raised garden bed
Vego Cream Garden Bed

Basic Garden Tools

If I was to pair down to my very basic gardening needs, I think it would be pretty simple.

I am in constant need of a quality pair of hand pruners.  Hand pruners are great for trimming up wayward tomato branches, harvesting green beans and even cutting small to medium sized fruit tree branches. And these were too pretty, so I got these also!

This year I have placed my Raised Vegetable garden right between two large boulders (we live in the high desert of New Mexico and boulders are so common in our yard).  The boulders act like the perfect little seat on either side of the garden, however a garden kneeling pad is the perfect solution if you don’t have boulders in your yard (ha).

Garden twist ties or twine is another vegetable garden staple that I am always using.  This year I bought a bunch of indeterminate tomato plants and goodness do they grow tall.  I use bamboo stakes and twine it seems almost daily to deal with their steady growth.

Garden Clothing protection

Garden gloves.   Garden gloves are a hit or miss with me.  I never want to use them as I like actually getting my hands dirty when I am weeding or digging in the dirt.  However, living in the desert means there are often lots of hidden thorns that never feel good.  Having hand protection is important. These are beautiful gloves and I love the leather / fabric combination.

Modern Garden gloves
Fun coral garden gloves

Garden Sleeves are fairly new to me, but I am so excited about them!  These sleeves are UV cooling sleeves, anti-scratch and high sun protection.

Living in New Mexico, I hardly go outdoors without a hat for sun protection. I love having a wide brim with leather tie to keep it in place. But I also have been using this simple hat for quick on the go moments.

Best Garden Fertilizers

Fertilizer is something I always want to do without, but for strong healthy plants, using a fertilizer like Miracle Gro is more important than I sometimes want to admit.

I also am a big fan of using Pennington’s Ironite for gardens and turf. I love that the granules add more iron to the soil, making veggies grow better and grass stay greener!

Ironite fertilizer
Ironite fertlizer for grass and vegetables

Most Used Garden Tool

My most used garden tool hands down is this cordless leaf blower. I used it nearly year-round. It is my favorite favorite.

Best Vegetable Garden Tools

For the gardener who isn’t just starting out and is a full blown plant enthusiast, read ME.  I enjoy having the tools and garden equipment that will really help and aide in my gardening.  I don’t like buying just to have, but actually buying for useful help.

These are all things I own and think are the best raised vegetable garden tools.  Do you have any others you would add to my “must buy” list?

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  1. jesse scott says:

    oh know are you giving up your Felcos for Fiskar hand pruners?

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      I will always love Felcos, but I think I was too aggressive with the size of branch I was trying to “prune” and broke them (whoops). I’ve been using the Fiskars for about a year now and just recently also got their tree bypass loppers, which I have really loved.

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