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If you are ready to learn all about various types of trendy “it” indoor houseplants, their specific plant care, their indivisual watering needs and the perfect light requirements for them – then you have come to the right place!

Snag my Happy Houseplants eBook now and get ALL the plant scoop!!!  It’s perfect for both first time plant owners and the seasoned planter owner looking to dig in deeper with their plants. 

My Happy Houseplants ebook talks about how to not kill all the plants and also includes:
– A helpful checklist for the 6 steps to keep your plants alive + thriving.  
– A deep dive on 7 trending “it” plants (like that finicky Fiddle Leaf Fig!)
-5 plant printables to hang in your home.  

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I have loved plants and all things green for all of my life.  Just because I am not still a practicing landscape architect, does not mean that I can’t still be that crazy plant lady – ha.  Check out some of my favorite Indoor plants below.

Plant care

Needing help with your indoor house plants?  
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Want to be a #plantlady, but need a bit of help?  You will love my KEEP PLANTS ALIVE checklist with 6 super helpful tips!  Signup below to get access to this checklist guide.

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Happy Houseplants eBOOK guide :

My passion for plants has become next level over the years.  Every roommate I have ever had, always commented how they went from a black thumb to a plant lover because I’ve helped guide them along on their green baby journey!  

Guess what, I took that guidance and put it into an eBook, Happy Houseplants eBook is now available! 

My plant eBook walks the new plant mama through what plants to start with, what types of light your plant needs and where you should place that plant in your home.  Then, I provide a watering schedule guide and a houseplant log, so you never have to be wondering when and how you should take care of your plant.

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