Happy Houseplants eBook

Ready to learn everything you need to keeping your indoor houseplants alive, healthy but also thriving in your home?!!  Get started growing happy indoor plants with my Happy Houseplants eBook!

Happy Houseplants
Can you relate to any of these plant struggles?
  • Have you even see a fun plant at the store and had to have it, only to get home and realize you don’t know how to keep it alive??
  • Have you ever wanted to be a #plantlady but mostly you have a graveyard of slowly dying plants in your home??
  • Have you ever seen the new cool “it plants” on Instagram or Pinterest and wished you could try them, but know your black thumb will strike again??
With just a little guidance, a few basic plant skills + access to my :

-helpful watering schedule
-easy to fill out houseplant log 
-LIFE GIVING "keep your plants alive" checklist 

YOU will learn that having healthy houseplants is so much easier than you realized!

Let’s grow Happy Houseplants in your home today!  

Pothos, Air Plants, Pilea Happy Houseplants ebook

Imagine looking back in a few months and realizing you have TODAY what it takes to keep ANY houseplant alive! Believe me, it is completely possible.

Just think of the confidence you will gain from learning the simple steps to getting your plants on a schedule, seeing them grow and then being able to take those skills and apply them to ALL the plants!

Do plants make you happy like they do me? If so, learn how to keep yours thriving and beautiful by buying my Happy Houseplants ebook now. <——

You don't have to hang your head in shame any longer, my Happy Houseplants ebook will guide you along to healthy houseplants in your home!
Monstera Leaf Happy Houseplants ebook

What is included in the ebook??!

This 50+ page indoor houseplant eBook has been divided into three main chapters based on numerous discussions with YOU and the areas that you needed the most help with.


  • Keep Plants Alive (full of tips + plant suggestions for BRAND new plant owners) 
  • Houseplant Log worksheet 
  • USA Plant Zones  – What they mean in regards to indoor plants 
  • How to Successfully Water Plants 
  • Weekly watering schedule plan 
  • When you should repot your plants 
  • Candid discussion on plants that help with bugs (namely mosquitos)
Happy Houseplants worksheets


An in-depth discussions on each of these “trending” house plants

  • Pilea 
  • Marimo Moss Balls 
  • Air Plants 
  • Fiddle Leaf Figs 
  • Monstera 
  • Pineapple Plants
  • String of Pearls plant


It includes 5 printable plant prints that you can print at home or at your local print shop to enjoy all year long.  If you are like me, sometimes it’s not enough to have plants around me… I need to hang them on my walls, too!

Happy Houseplants ebook 7

Plant love comes naturally for me

I come to my plant love naturally.  

My heart has always been drawn to plants, gardens and designed outdoor spaces.  I remember, ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be an artist. From age 14 onward, I worked as a groundskeeper at a 40 acre estate and marveled at the level of detail in their stunning gardens, patios and outdoor spaces. 

And then I learned about a profession called Landscape Architecture. There were actually people who designed city parks, public gardens, hiking paths, and plazas for a living…- whaaaat!  I knew immediately that is what I wanted to go to college for and pursue as my career!  

I practiced Landscape Architecture for eight years.  I have shared my plant loving tips with family, friends and roommates my entire life and now I am excited to do the same thing with you!

Happy Houseplants ebook

Check out Happy Houseplants NOW !

Also included throughout the eBook are 4 worksheets that can be printed and filled out.  They will assist you with tips for keeping your plants alive, getting your plants on a watering schedule, a place to log all the basic information that is so easy to forget about your plants and a go-to checklist for Fiddle Fig watering care.

This 50+ paged PDF eBook can either be read on your computer or printed and bound!

Happy Houseplants Tips

Here is what Happy Houseplant buyers are telling me:

“My Fiddle Leaf Fig hasn’t done anything in over a year.  After reading and following Happy Houseplant’s tips – my plant has two new baby leaves.” – Fran

“At age 67, I just went out with my husband and bought all the first time houseplant owner plants.  I’ve been singing to them, watering them and they are still alive!” – Nancy

“I bought plants.  And they are STILL living.” – Brianna

Check out Happy Houseplants NOW.

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