How to clean your Houseplants

INSIDE : It’s time for some Spring Cleaning and that counts for your plants, too.  Learn how to clean your Houseplants to remove all the dust from the leaves.  

Dust Plant Leaves

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Best way to clean plant leaves :

 No matter how careful you are, with time plants get dirty and dusty, just like everything else in our homes.  And the larger the leaf on your plant, the more dust and grime will eventually build up and accumulate.  Ew, look at the dusty leaf of mine, below!

Dirty and dusty plant leaf

The main way to keep your plants leaves looking their best is with an occasional sprucing up.  About once a month, you should go around to each plant and remove any dead or yellowing leaves with a pair of pruners or sharp scissors.  

I typically use a damp paper towel after tidying up the leaves, to do a light cleaning on each leaf.  However, while a paper towel and water do not remove all the dust or leave those leaves sparkly clean it is a good quick in-between clean option.

How to clean dust off plant leaves :

I filled a disposable plastic container with warm water and one squirt of dish soap for my cleaning solution.  Be sure to use luke warm to warm water, as this won’t shock your plants like cold water might.

Next, grab a soft microfiber cloth to help get all that pesky dust off your plant leaves.  Microfiber cloths are made from very small fibers. Wash cloths and other soft clothes may just push the dirt and dust around, but the split fibers of a microfiber cloth helps latch onto dirt, dust and even some bacteria. 

Soap, Water and Microfiber Cloth for cleaning plant leaves

Now that you have your soap and water solution, let’s talk about the easy way to clean plant leaves.  Dunk your cloth in water and then squeeze out any excess liquid. Gently wipe both sides of all of the leaves to remove any dust and grime.

Next, supporting your leaf with one hand and use your other hand to gently wipe down the leaf with your microfiber cloth.

Be sure to wipe the tops and undersides of the leaf.  This will remove any grime and also keep any pests from living on your plants. 

Dusting your Plant Leaves with a Microfiber cloth

Just like when you dust a bookcase in your home, it is important to try and start the cleaning process with your plant’s top leaves first and then work your way down.  With larger plants like mature Rubber Plants or large Fiddle Leaf Figs, this can be more difficult.  I recommend getting out a small step ladder or stool to reach those top leaves first.  

You can see the huge difference below when I cleaned just half of this Fiddle Fid’s big leaf using a microfiber, soap and water solution.  Wow.

Dusting your Plant Leaves

Honestly, I was shocked at how sparkling my plant leaves were after spending just about 30 minutes on this huge over 6′ tall Fiddle Leaf Fig.  I think from here on out, I am going to do this on a quarterly basis, so 4 times a year.  

I think doing a quicker damp paper towel cleaning would be more than sufficient in-between the microfiber and soap cleaning!

Clean Dusted Leaves

What are other ways to clean your Houseplants?

During the summer months, I love bringing all the houseplants I can carry outside into the shade for a little summer hose shower time!  During the cooler months, putting your houseplants in the shower or bath works, too.

The gentle rain from a hose or shower will help remove dust from the leaves and give them some additional moisture.

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For some plants that don’t have big smooth leaves, using a microfiber cloth might be very difficult.  If that is the case, using a soft paintbrush to remove dust from plants works well.  Gently brush any dust off the leaves with your brush.

Some plants may have fine hairs or even spines and spikes and using a cloth or even a brush might not work at all.  In that case, lightly spraying your plant with compressed air is a great option. Spray air from an air compressor can blow away dust and dirt.  Also using an air-compressor can from a hardware store or a plant nursery works just as well.

Spring Cleaning, Dusting your Plant Leaves

What methods should you clean indoor plant leaves with?

Easy solutions to clean plant leaves :

  • Microfiber Cloth + Water + Dish Soap
  • Paper Towel + Water
  • Lime Juice OR Lemon Juice + Water Solution 
  • Milk + Water solution
  • Dunking Plant in Water or Shower 
  • Light Compressed Air

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Dusting your Plant Leaves

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