My Marbling Book is NOW available!

Who remembers a year ago when I got all secret like and fell into a creative hush hush for about 6 weeks?  As you probably NOW know, that was me busily writing a craft book all about marbling!

Marbling Craft Book

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My publisher was located in Australia and it’s taken from about October until now for my book to jump over to America.  As of today, my Marbling book is now available at Amazon, Target, Barnes + Noble, Biblio and Walmart – maybe more places but these were the three big ones I could find for now.

Marbled Mug

I have done quite a few marbled craft projects over the course of my blog, so writing this book felt like a very natural fit. If you are looking for more information about everything involving marbling, my Marbling 101 post might be just what you are looking for!

Before we get into all the details of where you can get this creative Marbling kit book – let’s do a little behind the scenes of writing a book, shall we.  Because at least for me it was a non-stop learning curve of doing something completely new, scary and thrilling for a solid six weeks.

Writing this book, also started me on my whole JUST START campaign because if I could just start and write a book… then everyone can follow and accomplish their dreams!

Inside cover marbling book

The pace at which my book started and deadlines were hitting was like nothing I have really dealt with before.  My publisher was really amazing, but regardless I had to work the entire day, much of the day once I picked my kid’s up from school and all evening.  And most definitely all weekend.

I consider myself a very hard worker and although I typically work a full 40 hours each week on the blog, the book was a “next level” kind of working.

Marbled Shoe

My two favorite projects were probably the marbled shoes and mugs.  I loved how the marbled shoes came out – a very fun project.  And I loved the marbled mugs because the colors were so perfect and they look so sophisticated!

Amazing Marbled Creations book

To really pull back the curtain, these are scenes in my office during those 6 weeks – can we say slightly crazed?!!  Marbling supplies tucked into every place I could stick them and more empty glasses on my desk than should be there.  It was wild.

Of all the projects in the book, the balloons took the most time and were the messiest.  I ended up doing the balloons 3 separate times.

I would fill balloons with helium and then marble them.  While they were drying, I would tie their ribbons to our bathroom shower curtain rod and those balloons would drip marbling paint all around as they bobbed up, down and every which way.  I learned a better method as I went, but it was a little crazy that first two times – ha.

Messy Office while writing a book

There are 8 creative marbling projects for this book :
1. Marbled Vase
2. Marbled Easter Eggs
3. Marbled Cell Phone case
4. Marbled Shoes
5. Marbled Mugs
6. Marbled Paper
7. Marbled Notebook
8. Marbled Balloons

The book is part of a craft marbling kit.  Each box contains the book I wrote, balloons, paper, 3 acrylic paints and 3 painter’s sticks to mix your paints up!

If you buy my book or make any of the projects, I’d love you to tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

I’m ready to buy Make Your Own Marbled Creations from Walmart!

Buy my Marbling Book from Walmart

I’m ready to buy Make Your Own Marbled Creations from Amazon!

Buy my Marbling Book from Amazon

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