Creative Office Corner Desk

INSIDE : Learn how to organize and style a Creative Office Corner Desk. Use metal buckets to store pens and markers, create useful storage and bring in a fun desk chair.

Creative Office Corner Desk

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This post has been updated since it’s original publish date of August 2015.

Today is the first post of my Guest Room + Office Makeover series. I will be sharing details each week of the progress that the space is taking.

Does a Corner Desk waste space?

We have this Potterybarn Bedford corner desk with drawers. It’s a larger piece, but I knew we could rearrange and add details to take it from a very traditional looking desk – to a more modern, creative and fresh space!

One of the best things about choosing a corner desk is that it allows you to save space since it can be tucked into a corner of your room.

Typical desk layouts may not be in the center of the room (although they can be), but along with the desk chair they really can take up quite a bit of space. In a lot of offices, corners do nothing and are left empty and bare.

Adding creative office details

Now that I had located the corner in which my desk would sit, it was time to add some of the more modern creative office details to really make the space look more fresh.

I received such love from you all for my Cassette Case turned Memory Box post that I fully intended on using as a memory box to store kiddo #2’s treasures in… and then I realized I was going to cry a little bit every time he “messed up” the cute chalk design I had drawn on the front.  So, now please meet my Cassette Case turned Delineate Your Dwelling paper/file organizer!

And my hubs is HONESTLY about to take away my gold spray paint due to a little paper punch that got a gold update.  Sorry, but the original black was no bueno in the new cute office!

Creative Storage containers

After falling in love but holding back and then having them go out of stock, I search all Targets for months on end… and finally found myself a little gold doggie tape dispenser.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s all in the details and I love this little gold dog.

Here is a beautiful gold stapler and my creative painted geometric blocks.

Colorful office supplies

One of my favorite upcycles in this corner was a desk chair from my late Grandma Gloria.  I spray painted the chair white, did a little internal seat backing repair and then added the “stop pinning start making’ quote.

Creative Office Corner Desk

And check out the creative office shelves to get more information on these gorgeous shelves.

Creative Corner Desk space
Stop pinning and start making

These adorable white striped metal buckets, perfect for all my pencils, pens and markers.

Buckets with pens and markers

I love how my little Geometric clay jar perfectly brings in a pop of green to my desk, from one of my air plants.

Geometric Clay bowl
Creative white office space

Next Monday, I’ll be sharing the office shelves above my desk and a fun detail you might not expect on the green stool.  I know the suspense is killing you.

Looking for all the updates in one place?  Check out my Guest Room + Office Makeover Reveal post.

Want to see some of the creative crafts I used in this room?

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