Tree Stump Chalkboard

INSIDE : Learn how to make a custom chalkboard from a tree slice!  This is such a fun craft DIY project with a ton of personality.
If you’ve been following for the last few weeks, you know that I am in the middle of a guest room + office update (final reveal shared at Guest Room + Office Makeover Reveal).  I have been working hard to create a new clean and organized space and with that comes all kinds of fun DIY and craft  projects!  Today I am sharing one of my favorites, my Tree Stump Chalkboard!
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What supplies do I need to create a custom chalkboard?


Tree Stump Chalkboard, Delineate Your Dwelling #chalkboard #MarthaStewartpaint #treestrump
To start this project, use the chalkboard paint to create a “chalkboard area”.  I selected a tree ring and used it as my paint border with two or three coats.  (I put in white dashed lines below so you can see the line I followed.)  I went in roughly 1-2″ from the edge of the stump.  I also gave the raw wood edge a very light white wash, this is not needed but I thought it gave it a fun look.

After the paint had dried, I got out my favorite  Gold Foil Paint Pen and went to town.  I painted the bark tops.  I attempted to use it the paint pen on the side bark portion, but no go.  It just wouldn’t quite cover the bark edges quite right.
Tree Stump Chalkboard, Delineate Your Dwelling #chalkboard #MarthaStewartpaint #treestrump
So, I found an easy fix.  I turned the tree stump over (so as to not paint the chalkboard portion) and spray painted the edge with gold.
Tree Stump Chalkboard, Delineate Your Dwelling #chalkboard #MarthaStewartpaint #treestrump

Then it was a simple as hammering in a few picture hanging items in the back to hang on the wall!

Tree Stump Chalkboard, Delineate Your Dwelling #chalkboard #MarthaStewartpaint #treestrump

Tree Stump Chalkboard, Delineate Your Dwelling #chalkboard #MarthaStewartpaint #treestrump

I love the gold edge!  I love the natural material used as a mint chalkboard!  I love Martha Stewart for creating such lovely chalkboard colors!

Have you used Martha’s fun chalkboard colors?  She has mint green, blues, black and more!

Tree Stump Chalkboard, Delineate Your Dwelling #chalkboard #MarthaStewartpaint #treestrump

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60 thoughts on “Tree Stump Chalkboard

  1. I have been making some tree stump art myself but, I love how you used this minty green and the gold accents. Lovely! Thanks for sharing your DIY at the party. Theresa @DearCreatives

  2. How did I know this was going to be you when I saw it on the link up?! I’m pretty sure I visit your site every other day because your tiny icons in the link ups are so eye catching and I always love seeing what you’ve created! This is no exception! I’m loving the girly mint and gold mixed with the rustic wood texture!

  3. This is awesome Amy – one of these would be great on my outdoor bar! I love the fresh take from the traditional black chalkboard paint – so pretty. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

  4. What a great and unique idea! I had no idea you could buy tree stumps from Michaels, lol! They would be neat chargers too, with the names of your guest written on them in chalk paint or even a cute little poem for a kids birthday…the possibilities are endless aren’t they! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  5. Hi! Dropping by from Put a bird on it! I just love it! I actually have a tree stump, but still plain. I’m going to borrow the idea! Thanks!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this. I saw it on your instagram, and liked it right away. The mint with the gold is amazing, and the fact that it is a chalkboard makes it even better.

    So many thumbs up!!

    Alex @ Lavender’s Blue

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