How to update an old Tree Stump Table

INSIDE : Learn how to update an old Tree Stump Table in two simple steps. Then turn it into a gorgeous vintage piece with a whole new look!

Learn how to update an old Tree Stump Table in two simple steps. Then turn it into a gorgeous vintage piece with a whole new look! Delineate Your Dwelling #treestumptable #treestumptableoutdoors

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Along the course of my marriage, we acquired an old 20+ year old Tree Stump table that was owned by my mother-in-law’s mother, we will call her Nanny.  I can’t really recall when this table entered our lives, I just know that for years we’ve stuck it in the back corner of our garage and then moved it to the back corner of our sun room.  

And then one day about 7+ years after owning it, my eyes opened up and I suddenly realized it was a Vintage Gem and what an amazing table I had on my hands!  Today I am sharing how to update an old Tree Stump Table.

After cleaning off all of the dust, I attempted to attack the table top.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but there is a solid 1/4″ of shellac or lacquer on the front face.  I even tried using a hammer and chisel to gently lift up the thick layer of shellac but due to the age of the table, it all just started to crumble.  And I would have been sanding until the end of time, had I tried going that route.

Stump Table

How to update an old tree stump table :

So, it was onto plan B (which really ended up being like plan E) which was a simple paint job.  I simply turned the table over and onto a canvas painter’s tarp, so I wouldn’t have to tape off the top.  This was key in not having any paint seep onto the top.  If you use plastic, the paint would likely be pulled and onto your table top.

Then, using Valspar Gloss White Spray Paint I spray painted the legs and the sides white.  I did two nice even coats to make sure I got in all the grooves of the bark.  Then, I used a Clear Finish Spray Paint to finish it off.

Tree Stump Table steps

The final outcome was so worth the effort.

Tree Stump Table detail

Tree Stump Table done

And even though I wasn’t able to do anything to the table top, it gives the piece such age and character.

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Updated Stump Table

Tree Stump Table details

I am excited to try and find a place in my home for this updated old Tree Stump Table!

Tree Stump Table final

Updated Tree Stump Table,

Do you have an old piece of furniture collecting dust?  Why not clean it off and give it a few coats of paint, you might be surprised at the outcome!

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7 thoughts on “How to update an old Tree Stump Table

  1. I love this idea! And I can also envision, if you ever get tired of the white, changing it to gold???

    1. Yes, gold would be magical! The table is currently sitting in my office/studio but it would look equally stunning in our living room. 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! Funny how if it wasn’t such a beast to move around would have taken it to Goodwill over the past 7+ years and then like 2 months ago thought, oh my word… I can’t believe I own this, I’m in love! Styles change for sure! =)

  2. I love what you did to the tree stump table! Haha, I have a similar table at home (still on display in my living room), but it used to belong to my parents, and unfortunately there’s no way I’d dare to upcycle it in this lifetime! (for fear of my mother’s wrath) At least the wood grain is beautiful :p When the time comes, I just need to find a way to fit it into my style. *sigh* When there is a will, there is a way, I guess.

    1. Oh man, how neat to have that from your parents! I got full blessing from my Mother in Law before I dare touched, it too. Although, I’m not sure she liked the color I painted it… whoops. =)

      1. Hahaha… that’s the thing. My mom loves decorating too, but our taste is vastly different. It’s been interesting to see her reaction to some of my projects. At the beginning I could see that she wanted to say something but refrained from doing so. Over the time she has been exposed to my style, she has learnt to appreciate it (or so I’d like to think). But your mother-in-law gave her full blessing and trust your artistic direction. That’s the main thing, isn’t it? She trust you would treat the item with the love it deserves. And I think it shows. She will learn to like it *wink*

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