How to update an old Fan

INSIDE : Learn how to take an old oscillating fan and give it a fresh new modern look.  Tips for how to update an old fan that you’ll want to keep in your home forever!
Gold Old Fan
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Sometimes it is the littlest things than can really perk up your room.  I inherited this old fan when I got married and am pretty sure this fan was used by my husband’s family for numerous years!  Today, I am sharing How to Update an old Fan and give it a new look and feel.

Are you ready?  Please welcome our super hightech – cool down devise… the very outdated but now highly Updated Gold Fan!

This fan had been sitting in our bedroom, unused and it was dusty, gross and old.

Updated Old Fan, Delineate Your Dwelling #gold #fan #update

I decided it needed some cleaning up and while I was cleaning, thought… I could totally paint this guy and make him nice to look at!  So, I did.

What supplies do I need to update an old fan?

How can you easily update an old fan?

First, I took off the front face of the fan and wrapped the inside parts and remainder of the fan base and cord in aluminum foil to protect it from spray paint.

Updated Old Fan, Delineate Your Dwelling #gold #fan #update
I gave the fan cage a few coats of my very favorite gold spray paint.  I had wanted to paint the fan blades, also but I could not get them to come off easily.

Next, I unwrapped the fan base and then wrapped the fan cage with my aluminum foil.  I had to wait until it was completely dry, so there were a few hours of in-between time here.

I used a flat white spray paint for the fan base and although it is hard to tell a huge difference in the picture, I love how it turned out.  I painted the ugly brown stripes, the logo, the high/low button, all of it.

Updated-Fan steps
Updated Old Fan, Delineate Your Dwelling #gold #fan #update

Then, I covered the whole fan and gave the electrical cord some gold love.  It went from a dark gray to a bronze gold color.

A few simple screws to reassemble and he was done!  This fan now looks clean, simple and oh so much better.

Updated Old Fan, Delineate Your Dwelling #gold #fan #update
Updated Old Fan, Delineate Your Dwelling #gold #fan #update
Updated Old Fan, Delineate Your Dwelling #gold #fan #update

As I said, sometimes its the simple things that bring us joy and this simple fan is now my favorite.



  1. I PROMISE you that i am doing this within the week. I have three metal , black fans that i use all the time and they are going to be silver, and gold and ??? the other one. Never thought of this. You are a genius. I cant wait.

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Oh so fun, Victoria! I’d love to see pictures of how they turn out. I used my fan for a few more years and finally it just completely stopped working. But oh I loved it’s new clean modern look!

  2. I got 3 really old fans ‘vintage” form grandma when she passed away. I thought they were so much more appealing than the new techno one’s, so I kept them. But wait!!! A way to love the look & vintage style & also give them a little newly done “WOW” Now that’s my next project. Thanks for such wonderful inspiration & a way to keep grandma’s fan’s going through another generation!

  3. I love gold paint! But I’ve not had much luck with it staying gold looking.
    Exactly what kind of gold paint did you use? I’m very excited about painting two small desk fans that have rust spots. You are one clever crafter! Can’t wait for more ideas from you!! <3

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Sandra: Oh my very favorite gold paint is Rustoleum! I use it on all of my projects and haven’t had any issue. I’ve added a link in the post for your ease.

  4. What do you mean by adding “gold love”?

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      I just meant, I painted the fan with gold spray paint. 😉

  5. Making this today! Thanks for the idea 🙂 Simple & easy…my kind of projects!

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