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Happy Monday, friends!  Have you all recovered from an overload of Fourth of July fun?  There is something about Fourth of July that is so lovely.  Warm summer, cookouts, fireworks… it really doesn’t get much better than that!  Well, now that I’m back in work mode I’m so excited to be sharing this clean and simple looking Decorative Mirror with you all.

Decorative Mirror, Delineate Your Dwelling #clean #simple #white

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One sheet of White Foam | Hot.glue gun | Picture Hanger
Decorative Mirror, Delineate Your Dwelling #clean #simple #white
First, I cut my white foam sheet into 3-4″ strips.  It made it much easier to punch out the foam this way.  My mirror was only approximately 12″ in diameter and since I cut my shape in half, I only needed about 15 punched out ovals in total.
Decorative Mirror, Delineate Your Dwelling #clean #simple #white
Once I had punched out all the shapes and cut them in half, it was time to apply them to the mirror.  I simply used a small line of hot.glue along the edge and held in place for a moment.
Decorative Mirror, Delineate Your Dwelling #clean #simple #white

This entire mirror from start to finish took only an hour.

Decorative Mirror, Delineate Your Dwelling #clean #simple #white
I love how simple and delicate it turned out.
After I had applied all the foam shapes, I adhered a picture hanger to the back of the mirror and it was ready for the wall!
Decorative Mirror, Delineate Your Dwelling #clean #simple #white

Did I mention I was inspired by this Crate and Barrel mirror for $149 and my mirror only cost $8!

Decorative Mirror, Delineate Your Dwelling #clean #simple #white
This little beauty will be hanging in my office + guest room update, which I promise I will be sharing with you all…. someday!  I have some fun projects going on in there and it’s just taking me forever to complete it.  Soon, friends.  Soon!

25 thoughts on “Decorative Mirror

  1. What a terrific idea! I love crafting with foam paper. It’s so versatile. Do you remember the brand of paper puncher you used? It’s not often you find one that will take foam paper. I’ve tried several brands, including Martha Stewart’s, and a lot of them just don’t work with the thickness of foam sheets.

    1. Gail, it was an EK brand, scalloped oval paper punch. I just added a link up in the supplies section of the post. Also, I had to wiggle the foam a bit while punching. It wasn’t a clean punch every time, but I was surprised how well it did!

  2. Love this mirror! I could definitely use it in my house (may have to recreate!). Thanks for linking up with us at the DIY’ers last week… this one one of our features!

  3. Love this, how adorable! May have to make one for my niece! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!


  4. I absolutely love seeing somebody make something so inexpensively and so pretty compared to high end items. Can you imagine yourself paying $149 for something you could make for $8? Would you if you had money to spare? I ask myself that many times and answer is always “no way”. I get such a kick out of making something I wanted or lusted after for so much cheaper, lot more fun.
    I’ll be making this for myself or maybe granddaughters or both. Love making things they’d enjoy for much less. If they want something they’ve seen they’ll call me and ask if we couldn’t make it on our own. Love that they do that. They’re 14 and 17. Wonderful terrific post, great substitute. Happy summer days

  5. Yours is so much cuter than the Crate and Barrel version, and I never would’ve believed that was foam had you not mentioned that! Too cool!

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