Guest Room + Office Update

I have been wanting to make our guest room + office feel cohesive literally since the day we moved into our home… almost 7 years ago.  As with most guest rooms, it became the dumping ground for all leftover furniture.  We had like five different vibes going on in there.  So today I am sharing my first Guest Room + Office Update post.

The first task at hand was evaluating what could be tossed.  I’ll be honest, I LOVE this step.  I am not a saver so it is with great joy that I purge old un-needed items.

Then, I drew up a few floor plans and realized, I was not utilizing the floor space to it’s best.  I might add we also use this room on a daily basis for kiddo #2 to take naps in, hence the “lovely” pack n’ play that is permanently setup in there.  Eye sore, much?

With some major heave ho, I completely rearranged 90% of the room (on my own, might I add) and with everything stacked all over, piles falling over, lights on the top of bookshelves and chaos everywhere… it looks so much better already!  Here is a quick picture of where we started.

Guest Room + Office Update, Delineate Your Dwelling

I know you can’t even imagine “this” looking better, ha!  But believe me, if you look beyond the crazy, it’s made the space seem triple in size.

Guest Room + Office Update, Delineate Your Dwelling

And I’ve got plans like you can’t believe.  So it’s only going to get better.

What I wouldn’t give to turn back time and have put some more thought into buying a corner desk AND two additional file cabinets from Pottery Barn.  I’d love to paint that sucker but with the price tag… the hubs is currently saying- no way.

Guest Room + Office Update, Delineate Your Dwelling

Next up, moving all that furniture I just re-arranged into the center of the room for some painting!  Goodbye green, hello clean white.  I’ve loved my green but after 7+ years I’m over it.

I don’t know if I can squeeze one more thing in this room, but I’d love to have a chair by this view.

Guest Room + Office Update, Delineate Your Dwelling
You can see some of my ideas on my Guest Bedroom and Office pinterest boards!

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