Painted Mason Jar + Giant Poms : Garden Party

Today will be my last post on the Garden Party I hosted a few weeks ago.  I will be sharing how to paint mason jars and create giant poms!
My garden party was heavy on plants and earth colors (green plants and browns in the tablecloth) so I knew I needed a pop of color.  I went with one of my favorite colors, a peachy soft coral color.  One place I used that color was in my planted ampersand.  I also added some color to a few jars, too.  I had been wanting to paint a mason for.ev.a. so I was really excited about this.
Using a sponge brush, I mixed my peach color with some white and applied to the jar.  I also painted an old pickle jar.  I let them dry and then applied another coat.
Once they were dry, I used a high grit sandpaper and distressed them.  I could kiss them, they are so cheerful and fun.
I added a little ribbon trim to the top and secured it with hot glue.  Then, I cut out three green leaves from some scrapbook paper.  This was serious heart pitter patter action here.  (I think the hubs thought I was going crazy with my wild cheers at random, as I worked.)
I ended up using the mason jar for extra straws and then pickle jar for eating utensils.
Be still my craft loving heart.
For my giant poms, I am pretty sure all my friends at the party thought I was totally loco, as I hung three from bakers twine on the ceiling.  But, I thought it added the perfect vertical interest.
I followed Vintage Revival’s post on how to create these bad boys and it seemed work excellent.  After the party, I hung them in my kiddo’s shared bedroom.  Every morning they wake up saying, “Look mom!  Look what’s hanging in our room!  Three orange balls!”  Well, pom poms or orange balls, they make me happy either way.
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