Marble Dipped Oreos

INSIDE : How to make delicious looking and even extra tasty Marble Dipped Oreos! You will be surprised at how easy these cookies are to make.

Delicious Marble Dipped OREO cookies

Once the weather starts cooling down, everything inside of body starts telling me to eat all the yummy things.  And by yummy things I mean, carbs… some savory carbs and some sweet carbs, but pretty much carbs – ha.  They are delicious and it’s winter, so we all can pack just a little bit more on without guilt.  (Am, I right?)  

Today I am sharing the quickest and most lovely Marble Dipped OREOS… which slightly fall into the carb family.

My kiddo’s helped me dip these over the weekend and while the process is so simple, the aftermath is so pretty!  We dipped an entire box of Oreos and kept wanting to do more.  So be ready for the fun ahead.

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What do I need to make Marbled Oreo Cookies?

Food Coloring 
Small Dishes
Golden OREOs
Ghiradelli White Melting Wafer Chocolate


How do I make delicious Marbled Oreo Cookies?

Start by deciding on your color palette.  I decided to do three batches of cookies colors.  I did a pink + red combination, a teal + green combination and a red + pink + orange combination.  A little holiday nod, without going straight up red + green.

Divide the chocolate into separate containers and melt according to directions.  Once melted, add one drip of each color to the dishes.  Using a toothpick or other object, slightly swirl the food coloring.  Do not overmix.

Take a Golden Oreo and submerge into the chocolate.  Do not swish around and mix using the cookie.  Simply dip and then remove.

Once the cookies has had the excess chocolate dripped off, set to dry on a sheet of wax paper.


I found after about 5 cookies, we needed to add a few more food coloring drops to each batch of chocolate.  If you add too much in the beginning, the marble look will not work quite right.  Adding more food coloring only takes seconds, so this doesn’t really slow you down much.

Before you know it, all the cookies are marbleized and you are done!  Set all the cookies aside to allow chocolate to harden before displaying.

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I set some cookies out on a pretty emerald green plate and loved the color patterns they each made.


Christmas Marble Dipped OREO cookies

Holiday Dipped OREO cookies

Aren’t these so pretty when stacked on each other?

Delicious Marble Dipped OREO cookies, Delineate Your Dwelling

Marbled cookies

I have also made Spring Marbled Oreo Cookies.

Red and Orange Marble Dipped OREO cookies

I love how these cookies look when they are all grouped together, it’s almost like an edible watercolor painting!

OREO cookies

Red, Green, Orange OREO cookies

Dipped OREO cookies
Pile of Marble Dipped OREO cookies

Stacked Marble Dipped OREO cookies
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  1. You take beautiful pictures. My pictures are always grayish. Is there a particular light bulb you use? Beautiful….

        1. Oh no! Shoot, I’m not quite sure. Maybe because they were jell colors? I used actual food coloring drops. Maybe that is part of it?

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