Christmas Tree wall hanging

INSIDE : Learn how to create a Christmas Tree wall hanging using a plain white tablecloth.  Just because you may not have room for a tree does not mean you can’t enjoy one on the wall this holiday season.

DIY Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Last week I shared my Christmas Home Tour and promised to share my Christmas Tree wall hanging with you all.  I fell in love with the tree fabric at Ikea but alas, with no Ikea in our state I had to take matters into my own crafty hands.

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What supplies do I need to make a Christmas Tree Wall Hanging?

White Tablecloth
Black Acrylic Paint
Painter’s Cloth
Wall Paint Brush
Emerald Green Pom poms
Gold Ornament (Used for the tree topper)
Curtain Rod that is wide enough to hold your Tablecloth up
Hot Glue Gun

Christmas Tree Hanging Supplies

How do I make a Christmas Tree Wall Hanging?

  1. The first thing is to hold your tablecloth up to the wall to determine the appropriate size for the space I had.  The entry wall in our house connects to the staircase at the top and has an odd planter (that I turned into a bench) at the bottom, so it’s an odd shape and 4.5′ was about all the height I could get to fit correctly.2. Next, cut your tablecloth down to size and put down a painters cloth on the floor so as to not bleed through.

3. Using a pencil, lightly decide how wide you want your tree.  In case you didn’t know, prior to starting this blog, I was practicing landscape architecture.  I worked at a landscape architecture office for eight years, so drawing trees (and plants) is not very intimidating for me.

However, let’s say you aren’t a landscape architect but want to draw a similar style tree.

How do I draw a Christmas Tree?

First, with a pencil, draw a tall skinny triangle.

Next, draw about three or five “levels” or “branches” to one side of your triangle’s outer edge.  Always draw in odd numbers.  (I went with five branches.)

Then, not perfectly but close to the same areas, match the same number of branches on the other side of your tree.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging painting

For the bottom of your Evergreen tree, add some ruffled line work to indicate the bottom branches of the tree.

Now, that the basic shape is painted on, you can add in interior branches.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

4. Allow your tree to dry overnight.

5. Lay a curtain rod on the backside of the tree hanging and fold it over to have an even seam.  Next, simply use hot glue to secure the hem.

You could definitely sew this hem or even use iron-on bonding tape, but I went the quick and easy way.  The tablecloth didn’t weigh anything, so I was confident the glue would hold just fine.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging step

6. Based on how heavy or light your wall hanging is, use twine to secure the rod to the wall.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging wall

I wanted a very simple look for my tree, so I strung Emerald green pom poms on green thread and used that for my tree’s ornaments and garland.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging pom poms

I then printed out my Green Merry Christmas Garland and hung that along the top.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging garland

A final touch of some white and red pom poms and a gold ornament for a tree topper and it was done!

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging garland

I really love how this tree turned out.  It’s very bold and graphic and has the potential to be changed up year after year based on what “ornaments” or garlands I hang on it.

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