Plaid, the new little black dress

Plaid, Buffalo Check and Grid Home decor, clothing

INSIDE : The best plaid, check, grid and buffalo check gift items out there!

Updated from original October 2015 date.

Have you been to pretty much any store recently?  I’m seeing lots of PLAID and this is a trend I’m excited to jump on!  I love that it’s a classic trend.  We all loved chevron until we hated chevron.  It was too much and in the end, just a fleeting trend.  Chevron patterns reminds me of the owl, pineapple (I still love that one), chalkboard, mason jars and burlap trends.

The difference however is plaid has been plaid forever.  So although it’s hugely trending now, buying and owning plaids will never really die.  Today I am sharing Plaid, the new little black dress and all my favorite must have fall plaid items.

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Must Have Plaid Items- Accessories

I always seem to want a new purse for every season and with fall here and winter approaching what a wonderful way to finish off your look than with a cozy plaid backpack, wallet or tote?  I seem to go through wallets often, so that black and white one will be on my Christmas list this year!
Oatmeal Backpack | Black + White Wallet | Black + White BackpackBuffalo Picnic Tote


Scarves are an essential from October to at least March in most areas of the country.  They’ve gone from being just an outdoor item to a key part of your fall/winter outfit.  I love all of these scarves but that black check will be going on my wish list this year!

Must Have Plaid Items- Scarves

Red + White Wrap Scarf | Frayed Tartan Scarf | Herringbone Scarf | Gray Grid Scarf


I quite possibly already own two of these fun tops (the first I was wearing here and I own the second one).  I am thinking that brown and black hooded jacket is calling to me and it’s hard to tell but the last maroon + blue top has a peter pan collar, which I always am drawn to!

Must Have Plaid Items- Tops

Yellow Popover Flannel | Boyfriend Flannel | Blue Classic Plaid | Brown Poncho | Collared Blouse


I love decorating with small trendy home good items.  It’s such an easy way to bring a trend into your home without breaking the bank on a large priced sofa, for example.  Switching up your pillows or adding a fun French Press for when company is over, is a great way to sprinkle in some great plaids.

Must Have Plaid Items- Home Goods

Plaid Bowls | Red French Press | Buffalo Check Pillow | Orange Plaid Throw


Oh mercy.  So many good boots and shoes out there!  Now that I’m back in the Midwest where fall is here but my little desert body is used to WARM winters, I’m already in need of slippers in the evenings.  So, the Vera Bradley booties will be on my wish list and probably also the Kate Spade shoes.  I would never guessed a pair of Kate Spade shoes would be so affordable!!

Must Have Plaid Items- Shoes

Red Rubber Boots | Vera Bradley Cozy Booties |  North Hampton Boots | Plaid Shoe

Okay, now that you are drowning in a sea of pretty plaid, which will you be adding to your wish list?


  1. Hello! I found you from the link party over at snap creativity and I just had to say how much I love this post! I’m also obsessed with plaid (who isn’t, really?), so now you’re my new bff. I wish I could get everything on here!

  2. I LOVE me some plaid and dang girl, you put together an awesome roundup of products!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Plaid lovers unite! Ha.

  3. Such good finds! I do always love a good plaid button down shirt. So comfy and makes me feel like it’s fall, even if it’s still sunny in Cali!

  4. Amy, I love plaid and I love the items you picked. Can you believe that I put together a similar post, going out next week (great minds think alike)! Plaid is such a classic, I just cannot see it going out of fashion…ever 🙂

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Long live plaids! =)

  5. I am CRAZY about plaid and this is an awesome collection of finds. That poncho looking jacket might be my favorite!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      I just bought the poncho last night!! xo

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      I know, it’s embarrassing how much plaid I already own – ha!

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