Geometric Clay Rings

INSIDE : Learn how to make these fun Geometric Air Dry Clay Rings. It’s so fun to make a statement, why not DIY it and be make it your very own.

Clay Geometric Rings

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This post has been updated since it’s original November 2014 publish date.

I have found a new love and it’s called Air Dry Clay!  This is one of my favorite projects that I’ve made in a while and I am so excited to share how to make Geometric Clay Rings with you today.


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What supplies do I need to make Geometric Clay Rings?

Optional : A small bowl filled with rice.

Geometric Clay Rings supplies

How to make a Clay Ring

The first step to making a clay ring is to roll a small ball of air dry clay in the basic size and shape you want your finished geometric “gem”.  

I was making two rings, so once I had rolled them into balls – I let them both dry a few hours. That helps make them just hard enough that I could carve and shape them a bit.  

Note, if they are too wet still, they will pull and misshape too easily and that is not ideal.

Once the ball of clay is SLIGHTLY dry to the touch, using a cutting board and knife slowly cut small edges off the ball to begin creating a “gemstone” like look.

Clay ball

You can see how there is no right or wrong shape here. Just continue making the small cuts until you like what shape you have made.

Gemstone Clay shape

After the clay gems have completely dried out (24 hours is more than sufficient for these small sizes), it’s time to have fun painting!  

I used my gold foil paint pen and to paint the oblong shape mostly gold with a small spot of pink and orange.  The more circular shape got half gold and half white.

Painted Clay Rings

Once the paint had dried, I adhered the geometric gems to the ring bases using E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive.  

Drying your Clay Ring in Rice

While your clay ring dries, a helpful tip is to place the rings in a small bowl of rice. This allows them to be propped up correctly.

Follow dry time based on the directions of your glue.

Clay Rings Drying in bowl of rice

Clay Ring

I am so in love with these cute clay rings! My favorite thing is combining natural materials like air dry clay and turning it into something more streamlined and modern. These simple geometric clay rings definitely do that well.

I think I’ll need to plan a girl’s night out just so I have an excuse to wear my fun diy clay ring! What do you think?

Geometric Rings

Clay Ring Ideas

Other fun clay ring ideas include –

  • Smiley face ring
  • Peace Sign ring
  • Sunshine ring
  • Pumpkin ring
  • Gemstone ring
  • Snowflake ring
  • Flower ring
  • Plant Leaf ring

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DIY Gemstone Clay Rings

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  1. The air dry clay is soooo soft, does it get hard enough that you won’t break or misform it or something if it bumps into something?

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      You would be surprised, Mary! After even a few hours, you’ll notice QUITE a bit of difference. When it’s something small like a ring, it gets hard much faster. But, yes after a full day your ring will be hard hard hard. I wear my ring all the time!

      1. Thanks so much! 🙂 My daughter wants a mask, but I’d been scared to try it because of how soft it is. So looks like I have a owl to build now.

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