Hand Lettered To-Do List

INSIDE : Get organized while doing it in a pretty way with this modern calligraphy Hand Lettered To-Do List! Chart how much water you are drinking, emails that need written and much more!

Staying organized never looked so pretty!!

Hand lettered To Do List checklist. Perfect for planning out your week, charting how much water to drink, your top 3 goals of the week and more! Delineate Your Dwelling #plannersheet #todolist #moderncaligraphyplanner #organize #calendar
There is something about pencil and paper that speaks to me.  I am constantly scribbling notes and lists on spare pieces of paper, but no longer!  I have created a modern calligraphy Hand Lettered To-Do List!   You can instantly download my new Hand Lettered To-Do List right now.

I find it so much easier to stay organized when I have a plan in place.  Printing out a pretty to-do sheet helps me keep track of meals, water and my daily items to accomplish.

And the best part, it’s available for unlimited printing, after purchase.  You can even hole punch to keep your to-do lists organized in a three ring binder.

Purchase here.


The feature of my Hand Lettered To-Do List include:
-A weekly To-Do List with four lines per day
-A weekly graphic chart down the center of the sheet for tracking your water intake (8 rain drops equals 8 glasses of water)
-A place to write out your Top 3 Goals for each week
-A place to note emails/calls needed to make each week
-A place to make additional notes
-A place for fun doodles

Happy Organizing, friends and get your TO-DO LIST now!

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Just Start In-POST-graphic

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10 thoughts on “Hand Lettered To-Do List

  1. I love pretty to-do lists and this is no exception. Nothing like a beautiful set of these to keep me motivated and productive throughout the week. Thank you for sharing, Amy! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Oh thank you, Maria! I love having paper lists so I decided, why not at least make it pretty!

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