How to stick with a goal

INSIDE : With the New Year soon approaching, find tips and download a checklist on how to stick with your goals.  Whether they are life goals, career goals or even health related goals it’s good to have something to work towards! Setting small attainable goals will set you up for success.

How to Stick to your Goals

What is a goal?

The definition of a goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.  I like the thought of a setting a goal and having it be the object of my ambition.  It’s not something that feels resolute or unattainable, but it the object of my ambition or effort.

The new year is here.  Some people hate new year resolutions and other’s can’t live without them.  I’m hear to say, let’s not stress about it either way.  Personally, I like the word ‘goal’ better than resolution.  To me a resolution sounds so definite.  As in, “I’m resolving to never do x again.”  It feels like a lot of pressure to me, so I stick with goals.

Today I am sharing, How to stick with your goals this New Year and I have added a new Checklist PDF to help you!  Make this your year to accomplish those goals you have always been talking about with the help from these 5 tips.

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1. Write Down Your Goals.

I am HUGE on writing things down on paper.  From calendars and to-do lists to goal setting, I think it’s important to get ideas out of our minds and onto a piece of paper (or onto your computer, if you prefer digital).

Often thoughts, tasks and goals float around in our heads, feeling overwhelming and unattainable.  However, when you write them out and can visually see them there on paper, suddenly the list is much smaller than you originally thought and they immediately seem less intimidating.

2. Prioritize and create a Timeline.

After you have taken the time to write your goals for the new year out on paper, prioritize them.  Rank which items should be accomplished first and which ones could happen later.  It’s also helpful on your timeline, to give each goal a time amount to work or spend on it, daily/weekly/monthly.

This helps achieving your goals feel less stressful, by knowing you have allotted time specifically for it.  Do you want to do more reading?  Don’t just put that out there, decide to spend 30 minutes every evening after dinner or before bed with a book in my hand.

Your timeline might fall into place due to actual timing requirements, but they also might have chain-reaction requirements.  For example, last year, I wanted to grow my blog newsletter and start a weekly emailed post.  However, before I could grow my newsletter, I needed to have content that would be beneficial to you (my readers).

I had to find out what was beneficial and then write it.  Even though growing and writing more emailed newsletters was one of my big blog goals, it took almost a year to get it done, due the chain reaction of items I needed to accomplish first.  (By the way, I’m pretty excited about all the behind the scene work I’ve been doing on my newsletter!  You can sign up here if you’d like to be a part of it.)

3. Start with one goal at a time.

Even with a timeline, you might be tempted to jump around and go crazy checking goals off your list…. especially in January/February when you are feeling eager and ambitious.  Part of sticking with goals, is knowing SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.  Sometimes goals are a long term efforts and if you really want to maintain goals over a long period of time, then you need to start with one and complete it (or at least make major headway) before you jump into another one.

4. Become Tenacious.

I use the word tenacious whenever I can because I love that word and I think it’s a great quality to try and possess.  The definition is tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely and persisting in existence; not easily dispelled.  If you want your goals to become a reality, you have to keep moving forward with them, even if at times they are tiny little baby steps and it feels so hard.  Huge changes are not going to happen overnight.  I always go back to slow and steady wins the race.

5. Be flexible as needed, while you still stick to your plan!

Are you noticing that you never want to go to the gym?  Maybe it’s time to let go of “go to gym” as a goal and realize doing Zumba workouts on Youtube at home work better for your schedule and life.  The long term goal of getting healthy may take twists and turns and it’s important to be flexible, just stick to your plan of “getting healthy” and make it happen in the way the best with work for you!

Want these tips in an easy to follow checklist?  Click on the purchase button below.

Life goal checklist

Okay are you ready for my goals?

Personal – 
1. Feel more healthy.
2. Survive + flourish with my family even while my husband is pursuing a fast paced PHD.
3. Do better about keeping up with daily house cleaning.

Blog – 
1. Learn more about my readers needs.
2. Continue to work on my newsletter growth.
3. Find more balance with limited time available to blog.

What are a few of yours?

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  1. Hi Amy! Great advice and I agree with you about resolutions feeling too overwhelming. I like that you keep it simple with just three goals for each life area. I hope you and your family are doing well in Ohio. You’ve done an amazing job with your blog and your creativity is through the roof!

    Hugs, Sharon (from Desert Willow Lane)

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thank you for your sweet sweet comments, Sharon! We will be back in NM in a few years… I miss that dry climate! xo

  2. My goal is to eat more chocolate, girlfriend! 🙂

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      And that’s an awesome goal to have!!

  3. Brilliant advice! This is going to be the year I stick to them, I swear!

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