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INSIDE : Instant Gratification is never as good as building up something strong, secure and solid from the beginning. Get your Instant Gratification Never Wins Print today and be reminded that slow and steady is the way to go!

Strong Secure and Solid print

A few weeks ago, I spoke at my local Rising Tide Society and centered much of my talk on my Just Start ebook.  One of the big points that I spoke on was in regards to instant gratification.  You can hear my entire 14 minute talk on my 5 Tips to Create a Sustainable Business post.

One of the topics that I get so passionate about is Slow and Steady.  So much of the world is pushing us to hustle and go go go constantly.  If you slow down and relax even just a little bit, it’s almost frowned upon.

I believe to my core that slow and steady is the way to go when pursuing your dreams and goals.  Instant gratification is never as good as slowly building up something strong, secure and solid from the beginning.

Strong print

And because I love this message so so much, I decided to turn it into a fun printable.  I have  a heavy plant print and then also a simple plain print.  You can pick which speaks most to your style and aesthetic.

This digital print comes as an 8.5 x 11 digital JPG file.  You can download it onto your computer and print at home or at your local print shop.

Strong Secure Solid print

Okay are you ready to download your prints now?

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