3 Reasons to Start something new

INSIDE : Learn the main 3 reasons to start something new right now. You don’t have to settle for the mundane of life because sometimes reaching your dreams and goals can be as simple, as Just Starting.  Let’s all learn how to start something new today!

Start something new today

This post has been updated from it’s original post date of February 2019.

Let’s be honest, starting something new takes work and commitment.  And then beyond work and commitment, you have to REALLY WANT that new thing bad enough to make a plan and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

It doesn’t have to be a huge process to setup goals for the new year however the benefits of starting something for you (and your family) can be HUGE!

There are 3 major benefits to learning how to start something new today…

1. If you don’t have a plan, you will find yourself jumping around from thing to thing.

Learn what are the main 3 reasons to Start something new today! You don't need to settle because sometimes reaching your dreams can be as simple as Just Starting! Delineate Your Dwelling #juststart #startscary

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Benjamin Franklin said it best,“If you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail.”

I know how hard it can be to stay on task even with the best intentions. I get hungry and take a snack break. I decide to quick do a load of laundry. I glance over and see my houseplants all drooping and give them a quick watering. Little Sally Sue needs some apple juice and a snack. And before you know it, my day is done and I’ve not done a single thing on my entire to-do list.

Now, multiply that times 365 days and without goals and plans for your year and we’re all looking back in late December 2020 wondering where our year went and what we have to show for it.

2. Every moment you wait thinking about tomorrow, you waste moving forward.

Learn what are the main 3 reasons to Start something new today! You don't need to settle because sometimes reaching your dreams can be as simple as Just Starting! Delineate Your Dwelling #juststart #startscary

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Let me clarify. I am a planner through and through, so I am not saying don’t plan. However if your planning stage takes 3-6 months, you should maybe rethink your plan. When you JUST START, you stop waiting for that “perfect time” that may never happen. Stop worrying about the what if’s and begin, even if you start with little baby steps. All steps are heading forward even if they are small.

Decide to be a change maker and get started on your “someday” now.  Instead of continuing to wait for a more ideal time.  You have the power to take hold of that dream and simply try.

I would rather start now and continue to grow, learn and tweak than to wait and wait and maybe never even get going because I start to self-doubt or lose my steam.

3. Don’t live with a bunch of “maybe someday”… You can start today and have a clear direction.

2020 FREE Hand Lettered Calendar

2020 Hand Lettered Calendar

You know that feeling. You came to a decision point in your life and you think, well definitely not now… but, maybe someday I will take that trip to France. Well… maybe someday, I will have the time to learn piano. Well… maybe someday, I’ll be back in shape and able to go out dancing again.

Stop putting off what you know you need to do.  Just start and start small and before you know it, you’ll be ready to take on just a little more.  Stop asking yourself how do I get started and just start doing.

2020 is here and it is time to take back your life, while still being an amazing friend, sister, mother + wife.

My new ebook, Just Start, walks you through the ups and downs of making those dreams a reality.  From helping to hone in on what exactly your dreams are, to putting a plan in place even while having little babies at home or working full time.

Are you ready to stop pushing your dreams to the sideline?  Start finding real ways to incorporate time to reach those goals today!

You don’t need to settle for just going through the motions of life because sometimes, reaching your dreams and goals in life can be as simple as Just Starting!  And remember – Nothing changes until you begin.

Here is what one reader had to say about my Just Start ebook…

“I read your ebook last night and loved it! It’s super digestible, tactical, and inspiring. Your voice is so motivating and kind throughout. I am a huge planner and goal-setter so I eat this stuff up! However I know there are things that I have held off doing for years that I need to just start already, so you have motivated me! I also think your slow and steady wins the race point is huge. No overnight successes for me, but lots of great unexpected opportunities and income growth from sticking with it.”  –Haeley G.

Ready to dive a little deeper into this exciting topic?  I’m SO THRILLED to share my Just Start ebook with you!  

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