2020 Hand Drawn Calendar

INSIDE : Get yourself organized this year with a modern 2020 Hand Drawn Calendar!  With a simple free download, you can get yourself on task and scheduled out for the year ahead.

UPDATE!!  My Free 2023 Checkerboard Printable Calendar is now available for download! UPDATE!!

2020 FREE Hand Lettered Calendar

Well, this is the latest I have ever shared my hand lettered calendar – I’m so sorry! Since I was so late this year, I had numerous people messaging me on Instagram asking when it was coming out.

Today I FINALLY launching my 2020 Hand Lettered Printable Calendar – yay!  Year after year, I am always so thrilled to see how many of you download and enjoy this calendar.  And it warms my heart to see it in your homes each month!

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post for more information on how you can download your new FREE calendar.

2020 FREE Hand Lettered January Calendar

What is new about the 2020 calendar?

This year I tried a slightly new format for the 2020 calendar download.  It still has a very simple, clean and modern style.  It still has a month by month style format for each page.  You can easily view each month at a glance and see what big moments are coming up for you next.  Included at the top of each month is a small section for writing your SUPER IMPORTANT NOTES.

Unlike most year’s where I have hand lettered the month in cursive, this year I printed the month’s title.

2020 FREE Hand Lettered May Calendar

Year after year you all have just LOVED this calendar.   From 2015 to last year’s 2019 calendar, they have been downloaded 384,000 times – whaaaat?!!

THANK YOU for year after year keeping this calendar as my number one ranked blog post!

2020 FREE Hand Lettered October Calendar

The bottom portion of the calendar page says, “Super Important Notes”… for all of your most pressing super important monthly items.

2020 FREE Hand Lettered December

This is the sixth year I have created a free printable calendar pdf file and it think I love creating and making it each time a little more!  Let’s take a closer look at my printable 2020 Calendar by month.

2020 FREE Hand Lettered Printable Calendar

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Now, let’s take one final look at all 12 months side by side!

2020 Printable FREE Hand Lettered Calendar

Each month is designed to fit an 8.5 x 11 size sheet.  You can easily print this pdf file straight to your home printer (that’s what I do) or you can take it to a local print shop, if you decide.

ALSO, I loved how many of you tagged and shared your calendars with me over the course of 2019 on Instagram!!!  Please continue to do that on Instagram, Facebook or just a simple email.  I love seeing your calendars hanging in your home, keeping you organized and on task while adding a little pretty to your space at the same time!

2020 FREE Hand Lettered Printable December Calendar

Okay, let’s do it, 2020!

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  1. Martin Franz says:

    Hello, I really like the clipboard, where did you get it? 🙂

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      It’s pretty old, I believe from Office Max. 😉

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