Does Slow and Steady really win the race?

INSIDE : My life motto is “Slow and Steady wins the race.”  However, some people may think a completely different way.  See why I prefer slow growth over speedy change!

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An example of slow and steady winning the race in real life:


How can you accomplish Slow and Steady growth?

Six years ago, I certainly never thought I would be where I am today with my blogging and entrepreneurial adventure. One of the ways I got here was by starting with small attainable goals. By starting with just a few small do-able goals, you will be ready to take on a little more. And with time, you will come to a moment when you think, “How did I get this far along?!!!” Slow and steady wins the race is my favorite motto.

When you are just starting out, it can seem so easy to reach each goal because of the invigorating excitement and energy you have. But slowly the newness begins to fade and it feels almost impossible to keep up as life starts to settle back into normalcy.

I love slow and steady because as a mother and a wife and a friend and a “fill in the blank”, it can be so overwhelming to try and achieve that immediate success. Solely focusing on your new dream can quickly overtake the other responsibilities you may have, which in turn will make you feel further behind and even more overwhelmed.

How does slow and steady help you learn?

Slow and steady growth makes time for learning.  It gives way to growing and changing and getting better. And lastly, slow and steady growth gives you the freedom to work, to pause, to pick it back up and start again!

I think striving for slow and steady growth in any area of life takes off a huge amount of pressure for us to “perform” a certain way. There is no longer that need for immediate results or instant fame. It sets you up for long term sustainable success.

Attempting to achieve perfection and overnight success, however, is the opposite of watching your goal slowly unfold and carefully evolve. Not only can it lead to burnout, but it also can set you up for failure. Instead of putting the pressure on yourself to pour all your energy into your new dream, pour as much as you can while still maintaining balance in the other areas of your life. Instant gratification is never as good as building up something strong from the beginning.

Patience, persistence and one baby step at a time, will make a big difference over time. Little gains, even if inconsistent, add up and you will eventually see progress! When we set attainable goals for ourselves, it is much more likely we can make them into habits and actually stick with them.

My ebook, Just Start, walks you through the ups and downs of making those dreams a reality.  From helping to hone in on what exactly your dreams are, to putting a plan in place even while having little babies at home or working full time.  Slow and steady is just the tip of the iceberg, go ahead… dive on in!

This gorgeous green print is included along 8 other gorgeous printables that go along with many of the chapters.  Because if you are like me, I sometimes need to see those words of encouragement right in front of me.

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Will you join me in making Slow and Steady your new motto, too?

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