Start the Year by knowing who you really are with a personality test!

INSIDE : Start the Year by knowing who you really are by taking a quick online personality test.  There is not better way to start the year than by learning more about yourself and how you relate to others.  Also you can download an encouraging printable, while you’re at it!

You're just my type FREE Printable! Starting the Year by knowing who you really are, Delineate Your Dwelling There is nothing more fascinating to me than personality types.  Somehow it seems that we should already know every detail of our own personality because after all, it is US living our lives.  But, each time I take a personality quiz I’m surprised by learning just a little bit better how my own brain works.  There is really no better way to start the new year than Starting the Year by knowing who you really are + a printable!

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Knowing your personality type can really help open your eyes to better understanding yourself.  Each time I look back on the results of my Myers Briggs or Strengths Finder tests, I understand more clearly why I do certain things.  I then am able to prepare better ways for dealing with conflict, dealing with people and dealing with deadlines.

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One of my previous employers, had an annual staff retreat to discuss the future of the company, the business statement, goals for the following year and team building.  One year, we were all given the Strength Finders book, asked to take the quiz at the back of the book and submit our results.  I was excited once I found out my top 5 personality traits!  They were SO right on and I was thrilled to see how the company was planning to use the personality information within our office.  The day of the staff retreat came and we all proudly went around the room announcing our top 5 traits.  It was written down on a piece of paper and then we never ever spoke about those traits again.  Oh, what a tragedy!


I think knowing your top strengths is such invaluable information.  All too often, our natural talents go untapped.  From a young age to adulthood, we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths.  These are the things we should be incorporating into daily life whether you are working as a business professional, if you are a student or at home with children!  The times I was using my natural talents when working, were the the times I was complemented most.


Don’t get me wrong.  I know people have issue with the Myers Briggs personality test and I’m sure there are flaws with The Strength Finders test.  However, what an amazing starting point for the year!  These types of tests help point out that people behave differently because they view and interact with the world differently, imagine that.

So, here is my challenge to you.  Take 15 minutes right now and take the Myers Briggs test.  Even if you have already taken it in college or high school or at a company retreat.  You probably forgot what your results were and believe me when I say you will get lost in reading the details of your described personality.

If you want to take it one step further, I highly recommend the Strengths Finder test.  Note, you have to purchase the book in order to take the assessment.  There is a one time code in the book, specific for your book.  The book is full of strategies for applying your strengths and will change the way you look at yourself and the world around you.  I actually reference back to this book all the time.

My Myers Briggs results are ENFJ and my top Strengths are Positivity, Arranger, Harmony, Discipline and Developer.  We often get so good at the wrong things and spend a lifetime doing work that conflicts with our strengths.  I’m not saying go quit your job, but I can see most of my dissatisfaction from previous employments, has been because I was not using my strengths.  Many of the things I am doing with my blog and as a mother to young children are exactly inline with my top strengths.

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Who knew that four letters and five strengths could bring so much clarity to your life, right?  There is so much that makes you, you and it’s far beyond something a personality test could tell you, but starting the journey to learn more about you, helps you gain a whole new perspective on life and is a pretty great way to start the new year!

Looking to dive a little deeper into the topic of pushing yourself to do more?  I’m SO THRILLED to share my Just Start ebook with you!  

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5 thoughts on “Start the Year by knowing who you really are with a personality test!

  1. I am also an ENFJ! I have tested as an ENFJ every time I’ve taken it since college over the last 15 years or so. (Ugh, has it been that long since I was a college freshman???) Love love love personality tests but M-B is my favorite, alway seems the most spot on.

    1. ENFPs can be the warmest, kindest, and most sympathetic of mates; affectionate, demonstrative, and spontaneous. I’d say it’s pretty great being an ENFP, Marlene!!

  2. I always love a good personality quiz. And I think it’s a great idea and way to start the new year. I’m an ISFJ. Yep. Pretty spot on.

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