Top Twelve Fan Favorite Projects of 2015

We made it to 2016, hooray.  What a whirlwind year it’s been for me personally.  We put our house on the market, sold it, said our goodbyes to dear friends and packed up to move to the other side of the country.  My husband started a phd program, here in the Midwest.  We settled into our new rental home, found new schools for the kiddos, a new church and have made some great new friends.

All the while, this little blog of mine has been creatively plugging along, sharing some of that journey with you!  Today I am sharing the Top Twelve Fan Favorite Projects of 2015.  These are the posts that YOU all have viewed, tweeted, pinned, liked and loved the very most!

Top 12 Favorite 2015 Posts,

It’s always fun at the end of the year, to see what you all have liked the most.  Some of the posts, I know well as “top for the year” and others sometime squeak in there to the top without me even realizing!  You all were loving the organizational side of the blog this year, so I am excited to share I’m an organizational-aholic and you will probably be seeing lots more of that this coming year!

And although I love a tidy kitchen cabinet, my heart is in the crafting so I was equally if not more thrilled to see that some of my favorite craft posts made in here as well.

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look!

11 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets
Sometimes you just need someone else to help direct you were to put your plates in relation to the dishwasher or maybe if that roasting pan you use only once a year should go up high in a cabinet or down low in a corner.  If you’ve ever wondered where the basic items should be placed in relation to each other in your kitchen, this post might really come in handy for you!

Organizing Kitchen Cabinet Layout

Tips for Staging Your House
Remember I mentioned we put our house on the market and sold it earlier this year?  Well, we sold it without much effort at all and I think a big part of that was the staging I did to our home.  Did I paint any walls?  Did I clear out all our personal items from the mantel?  Hm… find out my tips to quickly selling your house!

Staging Your House to Sell-Declutter

2016 Hand Lettered Calendar
Oh the hand lettered calendar.  I am thrilled to say, people still love paper calendars as much as I do!  When I first made my calendar last year, I announced I might be the only person still using a paper calendar… but I am happy to see that you all LOVE paper calendars, too!

1-2016 Calendar Graphic

Create Easy Painted Luggage
I’m part of Martha Stewart’s 12 Months of Martha program and one of the products we were given to try out was a Vintage Decor paint.  Well I painted a thrift store piece of luggage and it really turned out great!

Easy Painted Luggage done,

15 Minutes to Organizing Your Cabinets
I had such a great response to where to put things in cabinets, that I decided to share how I tackled organizing one of my kitchen cabinets in only 15 minutes.  Hint, even if it takes you 30 minutes… it’s 30 minutes well spent!

Kitchen Cabinet Organizing,

How to make Clay Knobs
Now this was a fun project.  I went crazy over Air Dry Clay last year and in this post I show how to make clay knobs.  You have to be gentle with them but they work!

Simple Inexpensive Clay Knobs,

Easy Succulent Art
I did a six part Easy Art series and it was such fun!  I was tired of having dull artwork in my house due to high costs.  I decided to show step by step how anyone could recreate high end looking art and this Easy Succulent piece seemed to be a winner with you all.


Children’s Chore Chart
I am so happy that you all are as excited about teaching responsibility and life lessons to your children as I am.  I think it’s never too early (within reason) to start age appropriate chores with your littles.  Even this Christmas my kids both received a piggy bank from Santa because until now, all chores were done just because we are part of a family.  Now at ages 3 and 4, they are getting two pennies for helping with chores.  (My husband thinks it’s a joke, but they are THRILLED to be getting $0.02… it’s all about the lessons, they can earn real money later, ha.)

Free to download Printable Chore Chart for your children to encourage helping around the home! Delineate Your Dwelling

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees
Everyone loves a little glitter!  For another of my 12 Months of Martha projects I covered mini Bottle Brush trees from top to bottom in Martha glitter.  I’m kind of in love.

Glitter Bottle Brush Trees,
Stamped Tribal Clutch,

Tribal Stamped Clutch
And yet another 12 Months of Martha post!  This was the first one I did and I’ve used this fun clutch on many occasions.  I created a fun tribal print using stamps that I made from sponges… check out how easy this was.

Make a custom Twister Game
Ah, this was a fun project to make.  My little girl had a Sprinkle/Polka Dot birthday party for turning four and I created this brightly colored Twister game to go with her party theme!  We actually just pulled it out again a few weeks ago and were playing together.

Customized DIY Twister Game,

 My REAL Linen Closet Organization
And last but not least, one more organization post.  I shared my REAL LIFE linen closet… not to confused with a Pinterest Perfect linen closet.  This was real shampoo with labels showing (gasp) and mismatched sheets and towels.  But, it was well organized and we could actually keep it clean and tidy!

Linen Closet Organization Tips,

Wow.  Is anyone still with me?  That was a lot of writing!  Thank you for your continued support throughout 2015, I can’t wait to get started into this new year together!SaveSave


  1. I loved looking back through at all you awesome from 2015! There were a few I missed out on so I’m off to catch up.

    Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at the The DIY Collective this week!

    Have an awesome weekend!
    ~ Ashley

  2. LOVE them all my friend! You are just the craftiest, most creative gals I know! Can’t wait to see all of the fun things you come up with in 2016!

  3. That painted suitcase is A-dorable! I’m always amazed by the different things people transform using paint that I would never have thought possible. So cute.

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