Top Creative 2023 Projects

INSIDE : Check out your Top Creative 2023 Projects for for Delineate Your Dwelling! Included are deep dives into interior home paint colors, small craft projects, easy home decor, plant care and backyard DIYs . Take a look at the projects that you clearly loved so much this year.

Top Creative 2023 Projects

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Can you believe it’s already January 2024!!!?!  Is it just me or did it feel as if last year just fly by?  

Personally 2023 was a year of healing for me. My husband completed his 7 year phd program in the previous year and I finally felt like I had the time to give myself a moment to breathe.

Because of that, I tried to slow work down just a little bit and the huge gift was… even while slowing down, 2023 was my most financially successful year with NUMEROUS amazing wins. I truly am so grateful for this business and the joy of creativity and inspiration it is to me and clearly so many of you!

Non blog post 2023 business highlights worth celebrating…

Today I am sharing the Top Creative Projects of 2023.  These are the posts that YOU all have viewed, commented on, pinned, liked and loved the very most from the past year!

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at 2023!

Best 2023 Fiction Books to read


Wow. What do I say about this post?! This post went viral for I would say at least half of the year. It was shocking to see how many people were reading my book reviews and I must admit it made me SO HAPPY.

At any point in 2023 if you Googled any combination of Fiction, Books and 2023 my blog post came up right below The New Yorker, Vogue, Barnes and Noble AND THEN MY BLOG POST – hahaha.

I read 65 books last year and that felt like a joyous accomplishment to me.

Beautiful Teal Blue Paint Colors for your Home


This was a post all about the gorgeous Teal Blue paint color that is trending out there! I have painted a few rooms in our home this color and it’s equally soothing, moody and has some fun personality. I am here for it.

My favorite shade is to Behr Dragonfly that I used in our hallway bathroom.

Adding Easy Duvet Ties

Adding Duvet Ties

I had updated my daughter’s bedroom at the very start on 2022 (it turned out ADORABLE), but didn’t get around to sharing all the tiny little projects I had done to her space until the following year.

This simple duvet tie post did so well! I can’t tell you how many fun duvets are out there without any type of button or tie to keep the cover and the duvet in place. Whhhhy are stores doing this to us???

This simple project added ties inside my cute polka dot cover and has made my daughter’s bed making about a million times easier.

Cutting back Fiddle Leaf Figs

Cutting-Back-Fiddle Leaf Fig

Hello, hi… I’m a plant lover! I’ve had numerous fiddle leaf figs for about 7 years now and although they are an incredibly beautiful plant, sometimes they just get out of hand!

My huge 6’+ tall FLF was getting tall and lanky and I was getting a little tired of his look, so I decided to experiment. I cut him in three places and wow were the results amazing.

If you have a plant who is clearly having some issues with leaf drop or just not doing his best, check out this post.

Easy way to remove a printed label from a glass jar


I had a fun fun little thrifted DIY project in mind and the first step was removing the “bottoms up” printed labels from these shot glasses. Haha, I know… sounds so classy, but you will NEVER believe the cool project I used them for.

However, this post was all about removing printed labels from glass and it was a popular one.

How to Antique Glass with Rub N Buff

Learn how to Antique Glass with Rub N Buff

Annnnd here is what I turned those shot glasses into!! Can you even believe how gorgeous this turned out? I’m completely in love with them. And I was so happy that you were, too.

Which colors go best with Teal


Coming in at the 7th most popular blog post of 2023 was which colors go best with teal! It was amazing to me to see how many colors contract and complement a teal paint color. It was fun to search out the best combinations to share and help inspire.

Stylish Saltillo Tile Ideas


Living in the Southwest (New Mexico) sometimes it feels like there is no good way to give a more modern fresh look to our styles. Our home is very southwest and although I do love it, it can be a challenge at times.

Rounding up a collection of stylish saltillo tile ideas (the tile in our home) was as much of a inspirational practice for me as it was for you! I loved seeing how many different ways you could pair colors and paints and textures to give your room a whole new look.

Behr Bit of Sugar White Interior Paint

Behr Bit of Sugar White paint

2023 was the year of deep diving into paint colors! I use Behr’s Bit of Sugar throughout my home. This white paint is a perfect complement to our orange saltillo tile and I love the fresh look it gives any room I use it in.

Best Online Home Decor Thrift Stores


I started sharing more of my thrifting tips this year and was so happy how well it was received! This post I did about the best ONLINE thrift spots did really well and I loved it because as much as I love supporting local thrift stores, sometimes the options are small.

Being able to to now find more unique home decor and get it shipped to your home is such a lovely option!

16 Laundry Room Ideas that add beauty and function

Inspiring Laundry-Room-Ideas

Laundry rooms can be such boring utilitarian spaces, but they don’t have to be! Check out these inspiring 16 Laundry Room Ideas that add beauty and function and be prepared to want to dive into refreshing your own room!

How to Winterize Asparagus Plants

Winterizing Asparagus

I have been in full summer gardener mode for a few years and was so excited to learn how to grow asparagus in containers two years back. But last year I shared how to winterize them because asparagus actually last for 20+ years – so taking care of them during the winter is important.

Best Earthy Green Paint Colors for your home

Earthy Green Paint Colors for your home

Back with another paint post, this Earthy green is such a beautiful color. The inspiration of folks using this color in their home is wonderful. Such a great collection of rooms.

How to cut patio Concrete

cut patio concrete

A huge DIY project we tackled last year was adding grass to our backyard. One of the first steps to this project was cutting concrete by using a walk-behind saw. It was such an empowering task, I loved using the machine.

Hopefully this backyard project was also inspirational to you.

What to look for when thrifting home decor

Thrifting Home Decor Items

Sometimes you want to find an awesome thrifted treasure for your home, but where do you even start? When seccondhand shops are cluttered and maybe not setup well, it really can feel overwhelming to jump in there and find a home decor gem.

I wrote this post to help solve that very problem! And I even made a printable checklist to help you stay on track.

The Best Mushroom Ornaments

Mushroom Ornaments

All the mushrooms, please! I have done quite a few adorable mushroom crafts, so now I had to share some of the best mushroom ornaments out there during the holidays.

This post was a hit and I was thrilled how many people were out there buying mushroom ornaments just like me.

I visited the HGTV Smart Home 2023

Amy Weir, HGTV Smart Home Santa Fe

Dream. Come. True. Wow. It felt like such an honor to be asked to view the HGTV Smart Home in Santa Fe, New Mexico this past year! We were treated so well, got to tour the home with Designer Tiffany Brooks and I love every single moment of it.

Behr Thermal Green S440-7 Interior Paint


Like I said, this year was big year for color and I couldn’t pass up sharing more about this gorgeous Thermal Behr paint color. I used it in my bedroom and the thing I love most about this saturated color is how often it changes it’s look!

Sometimes it looks green, other times it looks black. Such a fun color to rest and feel restored in.

That wraps up my Top Creative 2023 Projects! I am looking forward to making wonderful things again this year!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your continued support throughout 2023.  I can’t believe I am coming up upon my TENth year of blogging.

Through it all, your support makes sharing everything so much more fun.  I can’t wait to get started into this new year together!! Let’s go 2024.

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