17 Laundry Room Ideas that add beauty and function!

INSIDE : Creating a space that works and looks good can be challenging. Check out these inspiring 17 Laundry Room Ideas that add beauty and function and be prepared to want to dive into refreshing your own room!

Laundry Room Ideas

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I painted a fun graphic Stenciled Accent Wall with Acrylic Paint in our laundry room last year. Part of that upgrade to the space was adding hooks for coats, backpacks and purses.

It was a huge improvement to go from cream walls to a fun graphic wall with a bit more storage… but it wasn’t enough storage.

Laundry Room accent wall
Stenciled Laundry Room Accent Wall | Jute Hanging Basket, Hanging Dust Pan

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Very recently, I looked around our small laundry room and realized how desperately I needed to get some better organization happening. Games were pilled up on the dryer, I found 4 completely empty boxes sitting around, it was in general a dumping ground for everything.

I did some major decluttering, built some storage, added functional decor and we are now one step closer to the Laundry Room being at it’s full potential! You can check out the Laundry Room Organization I put in place.

No matter the size of your laundry room, big or small creating organization is a huge help!

Laundry Room organize
Storage Cabinet, Woven Bench, Coneflower Artwork, Fluted Picture Frame

That being said, I still have a few more plans up my sleeve for our laundry room and in the mean time, I thought I’d answer some of the most frequently asked questions I get about Laundry Rooms. So, let’s dive in!

What should every Laundry Room have?

No matter the size of the area you have to clean your clothes, sometimes it’s confusing to decide what every laundry room should have. Often laundry rooms are spaces that store quite a few items. If you are wondering what you should put in your space, see below for a list of items.

Laundry Room built in shelves
Built in Shelves folding station Laundry Room, Place of My Taste
Laundry Room soap
Pretty Laundry Detergent in Glass Jar, Lemon Thistle

How can I make my Laundry Room look nice?

There should be a balance between form and function in laundry rooms. The actual use of the room is very utilitarian, but being able to spend time in a room that makes you feel good, is organized and looks pretty is important also. I’m a firm believer in making all rooms of your home work well and look nice at the same time!

Let’s check out some ideas to decorate a laundry room below.

Laundry Room Wallpaper

One of the ways to make your laundry room look nice is finding some open wall space and adding color, pattern with the use of wallpaper. This will turn a dull area into more of an accent space.

I love how this bold black and white floral wallpaper easily becomes such a statement wall.

Laundry Room wallpaper
Laundry Room Flower Wallpaper, Hana’s Happy House

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

No matter how much you store in your laundry room, the important thing is setting things up for success. If you have a larger room, you can use cabinets, shelving units or cabinets to hold detergent, cleansers, and anything else you need.

Laundry Room cabinets
Laundry Cabinet Storage, Polished Habitat

Laundry Room Hanging Drying Racks

If your home is anything like mine, there are a lot of clothes that need air drying only. All of my husband’s button shirts for work, he likes to air dry. But sometimes finding the space to hang clothes can be a challenge.

Laundry Room drying rack
Laundry Room Vintage Wooden Drying Rack, Bigger Than the Three of Us

Installing a rod to hang clothes for drying is an option, but also there are many beautiful hanging drying rack options. A simple white hanging rack is a nice addition, as is this simple fold out drying rack.

DIY Laundry Room drying rack
Laundry Room DIY Drying Rack, Jenna Sue

Small Space Laundry Room Ideas

Creating pretty organization is another way to make your laundry room storage look nice. Using small wicker baskets to contain dryer sheets or even dryer lint, glass jars for detergents, and pretty hooks for drying clothes are all great solutions.

However, a small laundry room nook in the hallway will need to be more creative with storage ideas. You can use a floating shelf above your washer and dryer, hang items from a suspension rod or even use an over the door organizer to hold smaller miscellaneous items.

Best Laundry Room Lighting

Having good lighting in your laundry room is helpful as you go about inspecting clothing stains, laundering bedding and sheets and doing other miscellaneous cleaning tasks. It’s very popular to see chandeliers in a laundry room if the space allows.

Laundry Room light fixtures

Some of the best lighting fixtures for Laundry Room can be spot lights, chandeliers or even having a small table lamp resting on a shelf.

I love this beautiful wicker drum shaped chandelier for a laundry space.

Laundry Room wicker chandelier
Beautiful Laundry Room Chandelier, Casa Watkins Living

And a timeless Gold Chandelier with modern lines and modern bulbs also is a great way to match other metallic finishes in your laundry room.

Laundry Room gold chandelier

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