Best Earthy Green Paint Colors for your home

INSIDE : Learn more about the best Earthy Green Paint Colors for your home. Add a bit of Mother Nature’s favorite green color to your living room, bedroom, hallway or office. There are endless ways to use this calm color in your house. Check out some of them below.

Earthy Green Paint Colors

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Paint is such a strong element in interior design. With the simple change of paint colors on your walls, you can completely give a new feel to your space.

And now… here is my question, why leave your love for Mother Nature outdoors? Let’s talk about using Green paints in your home!


Using different shades of green paint in your home not only can make a beautiful statement, but it can also add tranquility and a calming effect – depending on the shade you select.

You can paint an entire room green or simply add a green accent wall or statement-making piece to the space. There are no wrong answers with green paint… well, maybe an entire room of chartreuse.

Green often has strong representations to nature since it is the color of chlorophyll, a pigment in plants : vibrant grass, trees, plants and rainforests. Green is often described as a refreshing, earthy, hopeful, responsibility, health and tranquility. 

Green is the color between cyan and yellow on the visible spectrum. It is evoked by light which has a dominant wavelength of roughly 495–570 nm.

Master Bedroom Thermal Green
Behr Thermal Green paint
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Shades of Green

A few shades of green include mint green, moss green, sage green, hunter green, apple green, army green and emerald green.

There’s been a huge rise in the trend for green paint colors over the past few years, which I am thrilled about. And the softer shades of green that can lean more into the blue side of things also continue to be popular (think sage, moss pine greens).

What is the most calming green color?

The most calming shades of green are ones that are heavy on grays and blue tints. Sage greens, moss greens, soft mushroom greens are the most stress-reducing shades in the green family.

11 of the Best Earthy Green Paint colors

Sign me up for earthy green colors. Being a landscape architect, plant lover and garden enthusiast… there can’t be enough green in this world!

Let’s take a look at 11 of the best green paints to give a try.

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