Basic Teal Color information

INSIDE : Learn some basic teal color information to help you know better how to use this color in your home and in your decor. Basic colors that complement teal and what teal looks like are all included!

Basic Teal Color information

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I recently wrote all about which colors go best with teal. I talked about how combining teal with lighter complementary colors can give any interior room a beautiful fresh look and feel. That post was really popular, so I followed it up with Beautiful Teal Blue Paint Colors for your Home.

Bold teal sofa

And if you want to see a light teal room in our home, I painted the board and batten in our hallway bathroom in Dragonfly Teal, Behr paint. Check out more interior paint colors I have used in our home, here.

Hallway Bathroom board and batten
Hallway Bathroom Reveal

Is teal blue or green?

There are so many variations of the color teal. It isn’t quite blue or green, but rather a mix of both. It lands somewhere in the middle of the color spectrum, leaning a little more towards blue – but with a hint of green.

And depending on the shade, teal can really be described as a greenish-blue or a bluish-green.

Bold teal paints

What colour compliments teal?

Teal offers a lot of versatility when it comes to complementary colors. Here are a few options depending on the feeling you are wanting to create in your home –

  • Analogous colors:
    These sit right next to teal on the color wheel, like green or yellow. Greens and soft yellows help to create a harmonious and calming effect. For example as you can see below, a sage green and creams/tan pair nicely with teal.
Bold teal and green family room
  • Complementary color:
    This is the color directly opposite teal on the wheel, which is orange. This creates a bold and high-contrast look. You can use a brighter orange as an accent (as seen in the gold lamp and even the orange used to stage a pretty photo below) or a more muted terracotta shade for a subtler effect.
Light teal booth
  • Neutrals:
    For a timeless look even when styled in a modern way, teal pairs beautifully with neutrals like white, cream, gray, or black. These ground the teal and prevent it from overwhelming the space. The beautiful white crown molding and trim in this family room complements and helps to neutralize this teal space below.
Teal living room with graphic fireplace tile
  • Metallics:
    Silver and gold add a touch of luxury and can complement both the cooler blue and warmer green tones in teal.
  • Other jewel tones:
    If you’re feeling bold, jewel tones like plum, emerald green, or ruby red can create a dramatic and sophisticated look when paired with teal.

What does the color teal look like?

Imagine a beautiful teal duck with its vibrant green colored patch around its eye. That’s where the color teal gets its name!

Teal itself is a cool, refreshing blend of blue and green. It can vary in shade, but here are some ways to visualize it:

Teal and white paint palette
  • A balanced mix: 
    Think of a calm lake reflecting a clear blue sky. That balance between the coolness of blue and the peacefulness of green captures the essence of teal.
  • Vibrant yet soothing: 
    It’s not as bright as blue or energetic as green, but holds a middle ground, offering a lively yet calming feel.
Dark Teal fireplace
  • Digital color reference: 
    Teal’s hex code is #008080. This translates to a balance of 50% green and 50% blue with no red.

How to make teal paint

Crafting your own perfect shade of teal is a fun and rewarding way to personalize your art projects.

The beauty lies in its flexibility of a color.

Teal paint

To make teal paint, start with a blue paint as your base. Using either Phthalo blue or ultramarine blue are popular choices as they offer rich, vibrant tones.

Then, squeeze in just a bit of green paint. Sap green or emerald green work well, depending on the desired final shade. A little goes a long way here, so add the green sparingly and mix thoroughly.

You can always add more green for a more pronounced teal, but it’s difficult to take it back if you go overboard.

How to decorate a teal bedroom

Transforming your bedroom into a beautiful teal space can be a wonderful project!

Here is how you can decorate a room full of teal colors…

Setting the Stage:

The first step is deciding on the overall feel. Do you want a more tranquil retreat or a cold space that energizes you?

For a calming atmosphere, choose lighter teal shades or a neutral base with teal accents. This creates a sense of peace and allows you to unwind after a long day.

However, if you prefer a vibrant space, embrace bolder teals – think deep, dramatic hues or even a patterned teal wallpaper.

Building Your Palette:

Once you have the base tone of teal in mind, explore complementary colors to build your palette. Here’s where your desired mood plays a role again.

For a calming feel, consider analogous colors like light greens or yellows. These neighbors on the color wheel create a harmonious and chill vibe.

If you opted for a bold teal, create a dynamic contrast with crisp white furniture and bedding.

To add a touch of luxury, metallic accents like silver or gold complement both the cool blue and warmer green tones within teal.

Layering and Personalization:

The fun lies in the details! Layer your bedding with a mix of white or cream sheets and teal throw pillows and a blanket.

Consider textured fabrics for added visual interest. Woven baskets, seagrass rugs, and lush green plants add a touch of nature and complement the teal beautifully.

Teal bedroom design

Don’t be afraid to inject your personality! Artwork, a statement lamp, or pops of color from vibrant throw pillows can personalize your space and make it truly your own.

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