Hallway Bathroom Reveal

INSIDE : It’s time for the Hallway Bathroom Reveal!  Check out how to give your guest bathroom an update look and feel without any major remodeling.  Learn how simple changes can completely transform your bathroom.

Modern Hallway Bathroom Final Reveal

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Well apparently I am very slow moving DIYer, ha!  Back in late September I shared the plans I had to give our Hallway Bathroom an update.   First, I learned how to Remove Sliding Glass Shower Doors and then I did my very first project with power tools!!  I partnered with Behr paint and shared how to build a modern board and batten accent wall.  That was SUCH A FUN PROJECT and really made such a big impact in the room.

Air Plant on Wall Guest Bathroom Reveal

Hallway Bathroom Wallpaper

Today I am sharing the final guest bathroom reveal now that I have made the few final additions, namely the gorgeous wallpaper!  Ah, it makes me smile every time I walk past this room.

Guest Bathroom Wallpaper

Since there is so much happening on the main accent wall in this bathroom, I decided to keep the other side very simple.  I painted the other walls in Behr Ultra Premium Plus ‘Bit of Sugar’ white.

Above the toilet, I found this simple metal and wood shelf at Hobby Lobby and it holds a few decorative items and spare toilet paper rolls.  I loved using this Rattan Tissue Box cover.

Above toilet storage shelf

The gorgeous teal color in this bathroom was Behr’s 2020 trending paint color, Dragonfly, which I completely fell in love with.  When purchasing my wallpaper from Etsy, I was able to color match exactly the same color and I love how the wallpaper and the board and batten accent wall match so perfectly.

Guest Bathroom White Towels

Modern Wooden Bathroom Hooks

I love the organic leaf pattern of this wallpaper and how it creates such movement contrasted against the solid board and batten wall.  One of the items that has been asked about the VERY MOST on Instagram was where I got the bathroom hooks from!  They are from Amazon and I couldn’t be more pleased with them.  I spray painted the screws gold because I like being a little extra, ha.

Teal Organic Leaf Wallpaper

I found a lovely terrazzo patterned bathroom tray and tooth brush holder and thought it united the Dragonfly soft teal color to the other side of the bathroom.

Bathroom Terrazzo Tray

Dragonfly Paint Color and Leaf Wallpaper

Plants in the Bathroom

Always bring plants into the bathroom.  I love doing it so much I actually wrote a blog post all about the best bathroom plants.  I also have a post just about Snake Plant care.

Snake Plant in the bathroom

Bathroom for kids

One of the main annoyances in this bathroom is the saltilo tile.  Saltilo tile is very southwest and it is through our entire home, except for the bedrooms.  We also have radiant heating throughout our home – so that bold earthen orange color had to be worked with and not removed.  

I decided the best way to work with it was to incorporate small similar pops of that color.  I found the best artist ever, Forne Studio and fell in love with her simple artwork.  This rust colored Mid Century Modern print was the perfect addition to the bathroom.

Updating an existing Vanity

I would have loved to get a new bathroom vanity, but for now this one is staying.  So I decided to get new hardware and I’m always so surprised at how that simple update can transform an old vanity!  These cabinet pulls from Amazon were the perfect fit.

Bathroom Vanity Update

Another fun moment in the bathroom is the huge WASH clothes hamper that I framed and hung in the bathroom.  I used Framebridge to frame it and could not be more pleased with how it turned out!

Guest Bathroom Reveal with WASH art

Sweet little pothos plants are always a good idea.

Bathroom Pothos

These white towels with a small pop of coral are the perfect tie into our floors.

Modern Bathroom Board and Batten Wall

Umbrella Plant Bathroom plant

Modern Soft Teal Hallway Bathroom update

And how fun is this glass bubble soap dispenser!

Bathroom Vanity items

Hallway Bathroom Reveal

I would have loved to have really done a huge gut and renovation in this room.  To remove the vanity, all the blush colored items (sink, toilet and bathtub), the huge mirror, weird bulk lighting, etc… but these simple changes really gave our bathroom a completely new look.  And the cost was so significantly less – so I say job well done!

Guest and Hallway Bathroom Reveal

Modern Organic Leaf Wallpaper Bathroom

Be sure to follow the entire guest bathroom process!

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Hallway Bathroom Reveal

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so bummed it’s out of stock now, but I got the WASH hamper from H&M. I occasionally check to make sure they don’t have it again, but no such luck.

  1. I love this bathroom so much! I’m looking to do an accent wall in my bathroom as well. Is your peel-and-stick wallpaper holding up well in a bathroom? I’m worried about it steaming off or bubbling in mine!

    1. Thank you! Overall it’s holding up really well. The very bottom seam has ever so slightly bubbled in two spots. I’ve been able to push it back down without any issue, but it’s definitely something to think about when picking your wallpaper.

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