Modern Teen Boy Bedroom

INSIDE : Take a peek at the completed look of my Modern Teen Boy bedroom reveal! After 8 weeks of work, I am so thrilled with this top to bottom DIY space. Adding two toned green walls, a checkered accent wall, soft blue closet doors and tons of cool budget friendly details make this a dream teen boy space!

Modern Green Teen Boy Bedroom
Modern Blue and Green Teen Boy Bedroom

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Today is the FINAL REVEAL WEEK of our eight week Spring 2024 One Room Challenge, where I’m participating as a guest.

One Room Challenge

Last week I shared my modern DIY Closet doors and they were a big moment in the space. Before I get too far into the final look of the completed room however, let’s look at where I started!

Tween Boy bedroom before + afters

My son’s bedroom felt cluttered and dingy before with mismatched everything. His room now is organized, thoughtful and like a modern cool tween lives here!

Before and After teen boy room

Pivoting to the other side of the room, we took a realistic look at the uses of his space. His desk really had just become a dropping zone for every paper, marker, gum wrapper, lego creation you could think of.

It’s so much better I can hardly handle it. Let dive a bit deeper, shall we…

Before after modern tween bedroom

Trendy Teen Bedroom

Anyone who has a teen, knows they crave a space that reflects their unique in-between style. They aren’t quite kids anymore and they certainly aren’t quite adults. When designing a bedroom for teens, it’s important to make a plan of their needs and functions of the room and then have fun incorporating a mix of playful and mature elements into the space.

Check out all the cool elements I used to bring my son’s new teen bedroom to life!

Modern green paint

This cool bedroom is layered from top to bottom in shades of blues and greens. I used a two tone half wall effect on three of the walls using Contented SW 6191 Sherwin Williams Interior Paint on the upper half and Retreat HGSW6207 HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Interior Paint on the lower half.

I loved how this DIY Wall Hanging piece is the perfect color contrast in the room. Since I used two rugs, there is a ton of texture and it becomes a huge statement moment, too!

Hunter Green rug hanging
DIY Rug Wall Hanging

Soft green paint colors are versatile and can be used to create a calming and relaxed feeling in a bedroom. I love how they give the space a slight monochromatic feel, which I believe is quite modern feeling.

You can read more in depth about all of my Interior Paint colors here.

When using a lot of green, be sure to balance it out with other colors to help balance the room. I used a wide variety of wood tones, white cabinetry and frames, as well as some gold.

Modern Tween Boy Bedroom

And don’t miss my post all about my favorite paints  Behr Bit of Sugar White Interior Paint, Behr Nocturne Blue paint in your home, Behr English Channel Blue Interior Paint and my Southwest Home’s Interior Paint colors.

Modern Hanging Art

This DIY mobile was such a fun add to the room. I used metallic gold scrapbook paper and when the ceiling fan is on (which is normally since we have swamp coolers) the mobile gently moves all around.

Gold twirling mobile
DIY mobile,

Creating hanging sculptures is a fantastic way to add a dynamic and interesting element to any space. And placing it over my son’s bed is a fun way for him to fall asleep.

Make it yourself mobile
DIY mobile,

Modern Boy Bedding

Mixing patterns in your bedding can add a touch of personality and visual interest to your bedroom. However, it’s important to do it strategically to avoid a cluttered look.

Using similar colors helps to keep your bedding looking cohesive, while mixing the styles and/or materials.

I used a beautiful soft Navy Blue Cover Quilt as the top bedding piece, along with a simple blue tree printed sheet set. Adding a fun ball pillow and a soft velour diamond stitch sham were playful touches.

Mixed pattern boy bedding
Round Ball Pillow,

Neutral Wool Rug

I love the soothing feel of the bedding also with this gorgeous neutral area rug from RugsUSA. I used the Ivory Jourdan Modern Wool 8′ x 10′ Area Rug and wow, it is a beautiful one! This rug is 100% wool with a medium pile. It’s hand tufted in India and feels so soft underfoot.

I loved that it brings geometric pattern to the room, but with a very simple and classic color palette. I added this Ivory Jourdan rug to the room last and it felt like the perfect finishing touch!

Blue and white neutral boy bedding
Ivory Jourdan Modern Wool 8′ x 10′ Area Rug, Round Ball Pillow

Trendy Boy Gallery Wall

There is nothing like a wonderfully collected gallery wall. I found these three pieces of art from Society 6, which is a favorite art supply spot for me. My son helped curate the final choices of art and I feel like we landed on three very whimsical, but teen boy pieces!

Trendy Boy Gallery Art Wall

The art we choose is Save the Forest in a white square frame, Phases of the Moon in a rectangular wood frame and my very favorite one, Moon House Art in a white square frame.

All three pieces of art have a similar color palette, style and theme… which I think is important when creating a gallery wall. They feel cohesive, but unique.

Modern boy gallery wall
Phases of the Moon, Moon House Art

You can also see the Trinket Lamp I made over with the matching paint on the closet doors, Stardew. I used a cork round and a wooden dish to create the trinket holder and honestly my son immediately put some coins, a lego guy and a few bouncy balls in it. Mission accomplished!

Check back to see the full tutorial on how I made this lamp.

Green Walls with art

How great is the imagination of this Moon House Art print. I adore.

Moon house artwork

Modern Checkered Wall treatment

I knew the big moment in this modern teen room would be my checkered wall treatment! I was so nervous to see if my vision would come to life and it sure did.

We are a big big checkered Vans family, so it only felt fitting to create a similar look in my son’s room. You can read more about the process of creating crisp straight lines and checkered board patterns here!

Gold Mobile
DIY mobile, DIY Checkered Wall treatment

Framed Felt Bulletin Board

Do you remember the before of my son’s bedroom? There were endless papers, drawings, medals and more stuck right into the wall. The kid was constantly tacking something new directly on the wall. Well, NO MORE!

I made him this fun framed gray felt bulletin board to try and help contain the clutter.

Gray Bulletin Board and faux leather loveseat

These gray felted squares were so easy to install and they mimic the fun squares of the checkered board accent wall. This bulletin board is round 2′ x 3′ in size so there is plenty of space to hang, display and adorn here!

Check back to see the full tutorial on how I made this.

You can also see the VERY COOL brushed brass metal wall switch plate I updated to. It’s such a small detail but one that adds a lot of wow factor.

Felted Organization Board
Wooden Pushpins, Gray Felted Square tiles, Metal Switch Plate

Faux Leather Loveseat

Whether it’s a fun bean bag chair, a soft chair or a comfy loveseat, seating is a fun add to any bedroom!

Remember the old desk we had in this room, well apparently teens don’t like desks… they like sofas! Unfortunately we did not have the space to get a sofa, but I was able to find this very modern styled faux leather loveseat.

It pulls in the light brown wood tones of the door trim and ceiling fan blades. It is small enough to fit just a person or two and I love how it looks in the room!

Felted Bulletin Board and fake leather sofa
faux leather loveseat

Trendy Boy Bookcase

Another of the big issues in my son’s bedroom was organization. He had endless books on his bookshelf, endless legos, model airplanes and SO MUCH MORE sitting out.

We were able to do a big purge of many items that he had just grown out of and quite a few of the remaining decor items were able to find new homes like in his closet! However, it was still important that he have access to his books and toys so this arched bookcase was the ticket item!

Bulletin Board and Arched Bookcase

I wrote a blog post all about how to style an arched bookcase here. The arched shelf I used has a wonderful cabinet at the bottom to store those less than lovely items. Here are a few very similar looking styles : here, here and here.

Bookcase against checkered wall

Be sure to check out my post on Best Arched Bookshelves. They all are so dreamy!

Arched Bookcase against checkered wall

Blue DIY Closet

The bifold closet doors in this room were a disaster. Hinges were coming loose, pieces had falled off and the yellow wood tone just hurt my eyes. But, have you seen how expensive closet doors can run??! I knew this would be a good DIY element in my son’s bedroom.

Arched bookshelf full of books

With a few added screws to tighten up the mechanics of the doors, a fresh coat of HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Stardew paint, adding some decorative trim molding and modern circular doorknob hardware gave this closet a fresh budget friendly feel!

See how to DIY Closet Doors under $50 here.

Soft Blue Closet Doors
HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Stardew., Round Wooden Knobs

The wooden hardware and fun trim really makes such a big difference for these less than glamorous closet doors.

Soft Blue Closet doors with round wooden knobs
HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Stardew., Round Wooden Knobs

And now we are back to where we started in the room. Although, I couldn’t forget to share the quick update this old ceiling fan got. I flipped over the ceiling fan blades from white to the same wood tone used throughout the room. I also removed the glass bell shaped light bulb covers and replaced them with these simple rattan ones.

Check back to see the full tutorial on how I did this.

Blue and Green bedroom
Ivory Jourdan rug, DIY Rug Wall Hanging

Here is what I was able to accomplish with 8 weeks of effort, I am pretty proud.

  • Paint Walls basic colors
  • Create + Paint Checkerboard / Stripe accent wall
  • Remove wooden shutters
  • DIY Mobile over bed
  • Storage and style an Arched bookcase
  • DIY rug art
  • Install Mini Shelf Railing — (DID NOT GET THIS DONE)
  • DIY Lego Storage cabinet — (DID NOT GET THIS DONE)
  • Update + repair closet doors
  • Assemble new furniture (bed + loveseat)
  • Bulletin board install
  • Style room with new rug, curtains + accessories
  • At the last minute (after photos were taken), I added 5 floating shelves to hold all of my son’s numerous lego creations and model airplanes.

And if you are looking for resources, you can shop this room here…

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support and enthusiasm along the way of this challenge! Interested in other design challenges I have done?

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