Tween Boy Bedroom plan

INSIDE : Check out the Tween Boy Bedroom plan that I will be working on over the next eight weeks as part of the One Room Challenge! Learn how to create a cool 12 year old space that is full of color, style and creativity.

Tween Boy Bedroom Plan

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I am so excited to announce that I am joining as a guest participant in the Spring 2024 One Room Challenge! What is the ORC you might be asking? Well, let me tell you.

One Room Challenge

Over the next eight weeks, I will be slowly transforming my son’s bedroom along with numerous other bloggers and content creators on Instagram. Every Wednesday I will be sharing an update on his room. It should be fun, but also eight weeks isn’t much time for all I have planned.

So, let’s get to the good stuff.

I have always told my children that their bedroom’s can be a mis-mash of them. They help pick some various items here and there, but until they get old enough to first of all keep their room decently clean and secondly, really respect and take care of things… we would put minimal effort into “designing” their space.

When they turn ten, we evaluate where we are with those two criteria. My daughter got her cool Colorful Tween bedroom makeover when she turned 11.

My son, however wasn’t quite there. He will soon be twelve and I think he still has a way to go, but I am “hoping” updating his room will be incentive to stay clean AND respect having nicer items in his bedroom.

Boy Bedroom problem areas

The main problem areas of my son’s bedroom are…

  • Nothing matches
  • He doesn’t have enough storage
  • He collects and makes too many things
Boy bedroom messy before
  • His room feels dingy and VERY lived in
  • There are ten million holes in the wall because he likes to “display” art, awards, etc… and has no where to do that
  • His closest door has been broken for about 8 months

Tween Boy Bedroom Inspiration colors

I have worked on almost all the spaces in our home and they seem to either be bright white or moody blue/green colors.

The inspiration colors and patterns for my tween son’s bedroom were drawn from the below imagery.

I am drawn to the first image’s checkerboard tile backsplash and knew almost immediately that I wanted to include that pattern in his room. I also adore the combination of the dusty blue and yellow/white.

The second image had me drooling at the half painted wall. I love creating that visual line simply with paint.

The third image made me stop and stare at those stripes. I loved how they were such complementary colors, subtle yet stunning impact.

Crazily enough if I can pull it off, my son’s bedroom will be using all three of these – I hope it turns out as amazing as it seems in my head!

The next three images are just nods to inspiration of color and pattern. Some of these patterns I will be pulling from literally and others are more just inspirational. I love them all, just the same though – grids, scallops, stripes.

Trendy Boy Bedroom Plans

Ready for the official plan? My son’s bedroom will be a mix of greens, shades of blue and accents of orange and tans. So basically almost all the colors, but in muted cool teenager boy vibes.

Boy bedroom colors

I will be creating an accent wall of checkerboard that transitions to stripes. I am hoping to add more storage to my son’s room for books, lego creations and all his model airplanes. I will be removing the wooden shutters and replacing with curtains to give his room more options for furniture placement. I will be creating DIY artwork and hopefully an AWESOME DIY mobile. His closet doors are still a little up in the air, but they need major repair and some huge visual improvements. And then lastly, a new rug and possibly loveseat to finish it all off!

Is it going to be fun and cool and tween boy trendy. I’m going to see where these 8 weeks take me and hopefully will bend my design as needed!

TO DO LIST over next 8 weeks –

  • Paint Walls basic colors
  • Create + Paint Checkerboard / Stripe accent wall
  • Remove wooden shutters
  • DIY Mobile over bed
  • Storage and style an Arched bookcase
  • Install Mini Shelf Railing
  • DIY Lego Storage cabinet
  • Update + repair closet doors
  • Assemble new furniture
  • DIY rug art
  • Bulletin board install
  • Style room with new rug, curtains, loveseat + accessories

Here are a few items I have already picked up for my son’s room :


  1. Hello fellow tween boy bedroom makeover participant! My nephew turns 13 at the end of ORC, so they are about the same age. Your color palette is amazing and so grounding too. Your son already has such interesting decor in his bedroom, I’m so curious to see how the room transforms.

    1. Oh hello there fellow ORC participant! I’ll have to hop over and check out your plans. I just finished painting his walls, can’t wait to share that this week.

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