BEHR English Channel Blue Interior Paint

INSIDE : Looking to add a calm, soothing look in your home – then try adding Behr English Channel to your walls! Learn details about this modern blue paint color and see how to use it in your home.

Behr English Channel Blue

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Behr English Channel is a deep, sophisticated blue paint color that is perfect for creating an elegant look in any room. It is a medium dark shade of cyan-blue with grayed purple undertones.

This color combo makes it a versatile color that can be combined with a variety of other colors, from light and airy whites to rich and dark browns.

Let’s talk more in depth about this beautiful color that I’ve used in my own home!

What color is English Channel Blue PPU14-19?

Behr English Channel Blue PPU14-19 is a medium dark shade of cyan-blue with hints of green. The color of deep, dark seas English Channel pays homage the expanse of Atlantic Ocean.

It’s in the purple color family. Has an LRV of 11 with R 78 G 97 B 115

This color is often described as being sophisticated, elegant, and calming. It can be used to create a variety of looks, from traditional to modern. And some popular rooms to use English Channel include the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and dining room.

English Channel paint brush

If you are looking for a deep and mysterious blue paint color, Behr English Channel Blue PPU14-19 is a great option. It is a beautiful blue color that can be combined with a variety of other colors to create a stylish spaces.

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English Channel Blue Undertones

Behr English Channel Blue has a slightly grayed undertone which helps to mute the blue, making it less harsh and more inviting. It also gives the color a sense of depth and sophistication.

In addition to the gray undertone, Behr English Channel Blue also has hints of green and purple. This is what gives the color its unique and appealing look. The undertones add a touch of warmth and brightness to the blue, making it more inviting and less cold.

English Channel island
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What is English Channel Blue’s LRV?

LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value, and it’s how much light a particular shade reflects. It’s measured on a scale of 0-100. The higher the number, the lighter the color. LRV measures the percentage of light that a color reflects.

English Channel has an LRV of 11 which means that it is a very dark color. Since a 0 stands for a true shade of black, an 11 on the LRV scales shows you it has quite a bit of rich darkness to it.

Behr English Channel Blue paint drop

This makes it a good choice for rooms that you want to make feel more intimate or cozy. It can also be used to create a sense of depth or drama in a room.

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Where to use Behr English Channel Blue (PPU14-19) in your home

  • The living room: This is the perfect place to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere with English Channel. Pair it with light and airy furniture and accessories to brighten up the space.
  • The bedroom: English Channel can also be used to create a calming and restful bedroom. Pair it with soft whites and neutrals for a serene and sophisticated look.
  • The kitchen: English Channel can add a touch of elegance to the dining room. Pair it with gold or brass accents for a luxurious look.
  • The office: English Channel can also be used to create a professional and sophisticated look in the office. Pair it with black or gray furniture and accessories for a sleek and modern space.

Behr English Channel Blue Complementary Colors

When choosing complementary colors for English Channel, it is important to consider the overall feel you want to create in your home.

If you want a striking and eye-catching look, then shades of green or even yellow (gold) would be good choices. If you want a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, then oranges or white would be a good option. And if you want a calm and serene atmosphere, then a soft gray would be a good choice.

It is also important to consider the amount of light in the room. If the room is small or has minimal natural light, then you may want to choose lighter complementary colors. This will help to make the space feel more open and airy.

If the room is large or has plenty of natural light, then you can choose darker complementary colors. This will help to create a more dramatic and sophisticated look.

The opposite color to blue is orange on the color wheel, so orange is English Channel Blue’s complementary color – which is why it works so well in my VERY southwest styled kitchen with Saltillo Tile floors.

Behr English Channel Blue Kitchen Island
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Orange is a warm color that can be paired with Behr English Channel Blue to create a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. The orange will add a touch of warmth and brightness to the space, while the blue will help to ground the color scheme.

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Similar Colors to English Channel Blue


Arrowhead Lake is a slightly lighter blue alternative. It however does not have the subtle plum undertones that English Channel contains.


If you are looking for a color with more gray to it, then Skinny Jeans is a great choice. It’s LRV is 19, so it’s lighter than English Channel Blue but still is in the same color palette.


Infinite Deep Sea is a slightly darker shade of blue with a more intense blue base. It is only one number lower than English Channel on the LRV scale, but has a little more blue in it.

Best Behr English Channel Paint Ideas

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