Stylish Saltillo Tile Ideas

INSIDE : Check out this roundup of stylish Saltillo Tile Ideas – from using it in kitchens, living rooms and even outdoor patio spaces! Learn how to give this old world charm Tile a new fresh look in any home.

Modern Saltillo Tile Ideas

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It’s easy to hear the word Saltillo tile and have an immediate idea of what type of home or space those tiles would be used in. However, there really is quite a broad range of ways this Mexican tile can use installed.

What type of homes have Saltillo Tile?

You can install Saltillo Tile in any style of home that you want. However, the iconic flooring often is seen in many of the below types of homes.

  • Spanish style homes
  • Mid-Century Modern style homes
  • Moroccan style homes
  • Southwest style homes
  • Hamptons style homes
  • Tuscan style homes

You can see more about our Modern Saltillo Tile Kitchen we have and how I was able to embrace the tile and still create a beautiful space in our very Southwest style home.

Modern Saltillo tile kitchen
Modern Saltillo Tile Kitchen

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Where should I install Saltillo Tile?

Saltillo tile can be installed both inside and outside. It can be used indoors to give rooms a warm feel, but can also be used in outdoor patios or even on walls.

A few other examples of places to use Terracotta colored tiles are…

  • Bathroom floors
  • Living Room floors
  • Dining Room floors
  • Fireplace details
  • Backsplashes
  • Kitchen islands
  • Decorative walls
  • Restaurants floors
  • Patio floors

14 Mexican Saltillo Tile Ideas

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Stylish Saltillo Tile Ideas

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