Top Instagram Pictures of 2015

The time has come.  2015 is quickly coming to an end and I have year end round-ups planned like you couldn’t imagine… you lucky folks.  This year my love for Instagram grew exponentially.  I still spend much of my time on Pinterest and you can always find me on Facebook, but Instagram has my heart.  (Okay, Insta + Pinterest are a super close tie.)  Today I am sharing my Top Instagram Pictures of 2015, selected by none other than you all!

Top Instagram Pictures of 2015,

1 Homegood Pencils | 2 Clipboard Dining Room | 3 Target Trees

4 Washi Tape | 5 Burgundy Carnations | 6 Paint Brushes

7 Merry Christmas Garland | 8 2016 Calendar | 9 Clay Placecard Holders

 10 Gold Scissor Project | 11 A side dish of Paint | 12 Ice Cream Pillow

13 Little Girl’s Bedroom | 14 Succulent Love | 15 Balloon Greeting Card

1 Homewood Pencils : I am a pencil person through and through and when I saw these simple pencils at Home Goods earlier this year, I knew they needed to be mine.

2 Clipboard Dining Room : I have had clipboards hanging in my dining room for about three years now and I’m not sure I will ever change that.  They are so versatile and I love the ability to change them out at any point.

3 Target Trees : Wow, did Target rock it this Christmas season?  I think everyone fell big time for these colorful trees!  I passed by them about 87 times and the 88th time, the mint green tree hopped into my cart.

4 Washi Tape : Like everyone out there, I love washi tape.  I noticed I was collecting all the same color palette as my blog colors… the heart likes, what the heart likes!

5 Burgundy Carnations : In the fall everyone on the planet seems to be in love with mums, but I fell in love with these unlikely burgundy carnations.  Aren’t they just lovely?

6 Paint Brushes : I used these brushes a year ago on a DIY project and saved them knowing someday they would be a perfect add to my daughter’s bedroom.  The colors from these brushes were the inspiration for the room!

7 Merry Christmas Garland : This year I went with a non-typical color palette and my garland was the start of that color change!

8 2016 Calendar : Oh my.  This calendar is going crazy out there on the interwebs!  It’s such an honor to see something my hand drew out being loved and used by so so many people.

9 Clay Placecard Holders : Wow.  One of the highlight guest posts of 2015 for me was sharing this post over at Design Sponge.  A happy tear may have been shed on that day that project went live on Grace’s site.

10 Gold Scissors Project : As I was working on my Merry Christmas Garland, I took a picture of the process and this fun little picture was the end product!

11 A side dish of Paint : I whipped up the EASIEST diy that included painting silverware and this fun picture was my sneak peek pic.  I was hoping Miss Martha Stewart would love it as much as you all did, but no regram for me.

12 Ice Cream Pillow : After moving across the country, it was finally time to turn my daughter’s room into a fun happy spot and this pillow was the start of that process!

13 Little Girl’s Bedroom : Yay.  I was so happy you all loved my little girl’s bedroom as much as you loved the pillow!  I think we all need an ice cream pillow in our life.

14 Succulent Love : Succulents were on an all time high this year.  I’ve loved them since I was little.  I’m a plant nerd. I’m a landscape architect.  Succulents were my wedding bouquet 10 years ago, before Pinterest was even born.  I love succulents.

15 Balloon Greeting Card : This card makes me happy.  I believe I bought it at a great shop in San Diego while visiting my sister.  I bought and instantly hung it on my wall.

Thank you so much for following along, commenting and adding to my love of Instagram this past year!  If you aren’t following yet, hop over and send me a hello – I’d love to get to know you better!
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  1. Love all these! It’s so fun to be able to look back on the past year and see how we have changed and grown as people, and the way our blogs have changed and developed. Thanks for sharing!


    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thanks for stopping by today, Shonee! It’s so fun to see what your readers pick as favorites, too! Happy New Year.

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