INSIDE : Download this simple modern Free Cactus Printable wall art to hang in any room of your home. It is a hand-drawn graphic, in black and white with pops of cheerful color.  

Cactus Print-2

Living in the high desert of New Mexico, there are always gorgeous cactus and succulents all around that inspire me.  I am a plant lover through and through and that extends to even cacti!

Last week, I shared three colorful Inspirational quote prints and this week I am combining my recent plant kick AND my recent print kick for an awesome duo of Cactus Free Prints  That is right, I am combining them for today’s Free Cactus Printable Wall Art.  

Did you see my two plant DIY’s last week,  Four Leaf Clover Mini Planters and Floral Champagne Saucer Glasses?  I think the upcoming Spring has me all kinds of crazed and clearly I just can not stop with the plants.  I hope you don’t mind.  (I also wrote an ebook ALLLLL about keeping your Houseplants Happy – I’m plant crazed for sure!)

I polled my Instagram audience on IG Stories two weeks ago and it was such fun.  I really loved hearing back from you all as to which free Cactus art print designs you liked the best.  I was also so glad for your input because I had planned on sharing just a white background print.

Cactus Printable

You all spoke and in a big way.  Some of you stated that you liked the small pops of peachy/coral included behind the cactus!  I could not let my love for a plain white background completely go and so I decided I would share all three of the cactus printable design options with you today.  Yay!

Cactus Prints

Also, you might notice this print look similar to my earlier Can’t Touch This print and you are riiiight!  That’s the magic of photoshop… one great print can become another great print.  If you download and print this fun desert themed printable, be sure to tag @delineateyourdwelling on Instagram so I can see where you use it!

These cactus prints come in an 8.5: x 11″ size once downloaded.  You can print them on your home printer or at your local print shop.

modern Cactus Print wall art


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