DIY Geode Rock Planter

INSIDE : Learn how to create a stunning DIY Geode Rock Planter pot, sure to elevate a real or faux plant. Craft this gem with any color rock you prefer for a complete customized look.

Geode Rock Planter

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Who grew up collecting rocks in the hopes of breaking them open with a hammer and finding incredible geodes inside? Well, collect no longer because this awesome craft will check off all your shiny rock dreams!

What supplies do I need to make a geode pot for my plants?

Liquid Fusion Performance Adhesive
Plant Pot
Glass Stones (Green)
Frosted Crystals
Small Beads (Green)
Green, White + Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush + Pencil

Geode Planter supplies

How to craft a geode planter:

Start crafting a geode rock planter by loosely placing your glass stones on the pot and tracing the outline with a pencil to mark out the rough shape.

Planter pot step 1

Mix up your acrylics and paint with a dark green. This helps so you do not see through the stones. I also added a light green paint on the edge as I planned to adhere smaller green beads in this area.

Painted Green Geode Pot

Once the paint has dried, it’s time to glue your stones and beads to the pot. I used Liquid Fusion and was so pleased with it! I loved that it dried clear, was strong enough to hold even my larger stones and had very low odor.

Liquid Fusion

I started with the larger center glass stones. After they dried, I added in smaller green beads along the edges, as well as in the cracks of the larger stones. Having varied sizes adds to a more realistic look, too.

Green Glass Stone Planter pot

Next, I painted a strip of white along the edge and then metallic gold.

DIY Geode pot

Using the Liquid Fusion again, I glued the final frosted cystals for the finishing touch!

Green Geode
Green Geode Pot

Types of Geode Rocks

There are so many gorgeous types of geodes and some of the more commons ones include pyrite, calcite, agate, kaolinite, sphalerite, barite, dolomite, celestite, limonite, opal and smithsonite.

Green Rock Planter pot

It’s so fun to be able to bring a beautiful geode look into your home for just a fraction of the cost, too.

DIY Green Rock Planter pot
Emerald Geode pot

I love all the texture and rich green color this project brings to my otherwise plain pot. This project only took an afternoon, but I will enjoy it for years to come!

DIY Geode Rock Planter pot

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