Give your Curb Appeal a fresh look

INSIDE : Learn how to make easy repairs to rotten wood and then give your Curb Appeal a fresh look with paint!  With a little DIY effort, you can save so much money and enjoy a new look to your front door.

Painted Front Door

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I have been wanting to repaint our exterior gates, screen door and garage door trim for a WHILE… like three years while.  But, I had other projects come up and our curb appeal just kept getting pushed off.  The raspberry red paint was abrasive to my eyes and it never felt good to “come home” to a color that I disliked so much.

I finally decided this summer was the year to give my home a fresh look.  I should also add that this was not JUST a paint job update.  All three of our outdoor gates had various levels of wood rot and disrepair, so there was a lot of work that needed to be done before painting could even begin.


Here are some of the before pictures.

Before Paint Gate

Supplies needed for repairing rotten wood :

Mixwax Wood Hardener
Minwax Wood Filler
Plastic Spreaders
Sanding Blocks + Electric Sander

How to easily repair rotten wood :

I was surprised at how easy it is to repair and clean up rotten wood.  All three of our outdoor gates were in major need of some wood repair.  I used a scraper to remove all the old rotten wood from our gates.  It easily fell out, so this was a simple task.

Next, I used Mirwax Wood Hardener to secure all the remaining wood in the open gapping area.  I applied it with a disposable sponge brush until the wood had a shiny finish.

One the wood appears shiny, it’s time for it to dry.  Allow to dry for two to four hours.

After you wait the allotted time, you apply Mirwax wood filler.  Using a plastic spreader, apply the filler and spread it smoothly across the wood.  Sand as needed.

Remove any rot from your wood surface and use Wood Hardener to strengthen the remaining wood.
I have been pleasantly surprised with how well this Wood Hardener has worked.
Using a disposable brush, add the hardener until it has a shiny finish.
Dry for 2-4 hours and it hardens and secures all the surrounding wood.
Next is a stainable wood filler. I’m using an interior/exterior Minwax product.
Apply with a plastic spreader.
Allow the wood filler to dry for 24 hours and then sand down for a smooth finish.
You are free to paint or stain your gate!
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Supplies needed for painting outdoor gates and front doors :

Sanding Blocks
Microfiber Cloth
Wooster Shortcut Angle Paintbrush – This is my FAVORITE brush and I use it ALL the time.
Plastic Paint Tray
Behr Ultra Exterior Paint + Primer in Winter Way
Behr Ultra Exterior Paint + Primer in Gazebo Gray

How to paint your front door and paint outdoor gates :

I can hardly even tell you how lovely it is to walk out my door or look out our front windows and see this new fresh blue on our home.  It definitely took me some time to get all three of our gates and the front screen door painted, but it was so well worth the effort!

Painting Outdoor Gates

I started painting our front screen door with a light sanding using my sanding block.  Sometimes it may be necessary to strip your wood down to raw wood, but I opted to simply paint over the current red paint.

The sanding is just to rough up the wood and allow for your paint to stick a little better.  

Once you have given everything a light sanding, you will need to clean off the wood from all of the dust. I think using a Microfiber cloth is best for this job.

Painted Backyard Gate

I always use this Wooster Shortcut Angle Paintbrush for my trim painting work.  I adore this paintbrush.  It fits my hand so nicely and it has a flexible or soft handle, so it really makes me have less hand cramps.

Dusty Blue Painted Outdoor Gates

I used Behr Ultra Exterior Paint + Primer in Winter Way as my deep accent color for the front screen door and our three gates.  A roller brush helped on the bigger flat areas.  The paint I got is a paint and primer, which I love.  I only had to do two coats to cover bright red, that’s saying a lot!

It took me a lot of trial and error to find the perfect contrasting color for the wooden trim piece above our door and for our garage door.  The garage door post is coming soon.  But after painting a few shades of gray, I ended up really loving this very very light gray color, Behr Ultra Exterior Paint + Primer in Gazebo Gray.

Painting Outdoor Gates Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal details :

My favorite part of giving your home and curb appeal an updated look is those lovely detail accessories!  And many times all you need to add is plants.  

I have a lemon thyme sitting at our front courtyard bistro table.  I love the wild look of potted herbs and this lemon thyme smells so lovely.

Lemon Thyme

Another favorite of mine is Hummingbird mint.  Look how great the red flowers are against the blue door.

Red Agastache

Having a few different sizes of pots gives your front door a lovely layered look.  I have Agastache (Hummingbird Mint) and a Christmas Cactus shown here.

Front Door Potted Plants

I hung this bell chime and I love the sweet sound it occasionally makes.  It’s very old, I have had it for years and year.  So, I gave it a fresh coat of copper colored spray paint.

Metal Bell Chime

Another easy way to update your curb appeal is with a new doormat.  I loved this West Elm Semi Circle Dash mat and it has a perfect pop of blue!

Painting Outdoor Doormat

Modern Southwest Front Door :

The freshly painted door now complements our bistro table and pillows.  I love mixing patterns and think this does it so well.

Dusty Blue Front Door

I keep walking in and out of our front door now… it just makes me SO HAPPY.  And that is exactly what our homes are supposed to do – be places that give us comfort after long tiring days.

Curb Appeal Paint Gate

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Modern Southwest Curb Appeal

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