How to install Faux Garage Windows

INSIDE : Learn how to install Easy DIY Faux Garage Door Windows at your home in no time at all with this step by step guide! Adding fake windows is a great inexpensive way to update your home’s curb appeal.

Fake Garage Door Windows
Faux Garage Door Windows

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This post has been updated from it’s original 2013 publish date.

Come take a quick “virtual walk” with me as we head outside to your front yard for a moment.  Now, turn around and take a long look at the front of your home.  

Question – What do you see?  

  • A painted front door
  • A few pretty potted plants
  • Maybe some shutters if you are lucky
  • What about that big empty white box — the not so pretty garage door, ew!

Let’s be honest, most of us have boring, regular garage doors. However with minimal DIY effort and a fairly low cost, you will be amazed at the huge impact you can give your front curb appeal.  

Today I will be sharing how to best install Fake Garage Door Windows from your local hardware store!

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What kind of Fake Garage Door Windows should I get?

We have done some fairly extensive research for different ways to update the garage doors at my mom’s home.  We found 4 budget friendly options to improve the look of her garage doors with windows.

Four basic types of faux garage door windows –

    The first option is to install real windows on your garage door.  This is a gorgeous solution and there are numerous different styles and even price points. However, it is definitely the most expensive option and one that most likely will require a contractor to install.
    This second option is not my favorite, but it seems like quite a few people still go this route.  I think it would be difficult to keep this option from chipping and peeling, but it does seem very cost effective. Simply tape off level rectangles across your garage doors, cross your fingers and paint.
    Another good route to take with windows is a faux magnetic “sticker” like application. The magnetic stickers are basically small black decals that you can apply to your door.  You also need to be sure that your garage door is magnetic for this type of sticker to work.  Although this is much more reasonably priced than installing real windows, it wasn’t quite the look we were going for.
    The fourth and final option for surprisingly realistic faux windows are these faux garage door windows from Amazon.  When we found them, we knew this was the winning ticket for us.  

Amazon sells a set of two windows per kit currently in two shape options : the slight arched shape window we bought and a more modern square window option.   And luckily for us, the white was the most affordable color option.

Fake Garage Door Plexiglass Window

We were really impressed with these faux garage doors windows.  The “black glass” (plexiglass, so there is no worry of breaking) really gives the impression of reflecting window glass.  

You can see in the picture below how much they really do reflect.  If you didn’t know they were fake windows, you would NEVER ever guess!

Install Garage Windows
Faux Plexiglass Window

You definitely would not be able to recreate this type of look with just painting black windows or using the magnetic stickers on your garage door.

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We were really impressed with the ease of installation.  It was roughly an hour long project at a beginner’s level of difficulty.  Please note : It would be tricky to do this project with just one person. Having another set of hands is key.

After measuring my mom’s garage door, we decided four garage window panels would fit her space.  

First, we centered the middle two panels on the garage door and making sure each panel was level, marked with a pencil where each panel would go.

The kits come with a paper template but after the first window is installed, it tears and is not really needed at all.

Fake Garage Door Windows

The next step was to mark the hole locations and then drill pilot holes.  We have this Cordless Drill and it makes this project so much easier.  Plus, it’s great to have around for putting together furniture.

Faux Garage Door Windows

Using a level once more, double check that the windows are properly aligned.  Since we had pre-drilled the holes, the windows went up easily just using a simple screwdriver.

Can I remove fake windows and reinstall them?

About a year after we originally helped my mom install these Faux Windows, she had to get a new garage door.  It was as easy as her removing the Faux Garage Door Windows and reinstalling them!

1 Faux Garage Door Windows

How to install Faux Garage Door Windows

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: 400

Learn how to install easy DIY Faux Garage Door Windows at your home in no time at all with this step by step guide! Adding fake windows is a great inexpensive way to update your home’s curb appeal.


  1. Start by measuring your garage door's entire length. Based on your length, decide upon how many garage window panels total you will need. A typical two car garage will probably need two sets of 2 panels (4 panels in total).
  2. Next, center the middle two panels on the garage door and after making sure each panel is level, mark with a pencil where all window panels will go.
  3. Then, mark the hole locations with a pencil and pre-drill the pilot holes. Using a cordIess drill makes everything a million times easier when putting together furniture or doing small projects like this.
  4. Finally, using your level once more, double check that the windows are properly aligned. Since you pre-drilled the holes, the windows should go up easily using even just a simple screwdriver.

Did you make this project?

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Other easy tips to update your Garage Door:

After we helped my mom install these faux garage door windows, her best friend fell so deeply in love that she immediately went out and bought the same set for her home.  She then found these cool magnetic garage door hardware.  It gave her garage door more of a traditional Carriage Garage Door look.

Faux Garage Windows at your home in no time at all! And adding faux windows are an inexpensive way to upgrade your home's curb appeal! Delineate Your Dwelling #fauxgaragedoorwindows #curbappeal

Have I made a believer out of you?  Who is up for making your garage door look a million times better with me?!!

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    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      I’m so glad to hear it made such a big impact!

  4. Peggy mckibbins says:

    I live in Ocala Fl and don’t know where to find them. Home depot says they don’t carry them.

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      It looks like Home Depot doesn’t carry them anymore, which is a bummer. But I did find them on Amazon and they come two windows in a set. You can check them out here,

    2. I’m wanting to do faux garage door windows but wanting a contemporary option going vertical ~ does anyone know if they have that type ? I too like the plexiglass option to look almost reflective like a window . Thank you in advance.

  5. If you don’t have the $400 to spend you can also paint the windows on with a high gloss paint. Did you see those pins? They look very nice also; beautiful job on yours, I bet your Mom loves it 🙂

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      I’ve not seen the painted on window pins, but I’ll be on the lookout for them now! And yes, 5 years later and my mom still loves her windows! 😉

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