How to Easily repair minor Wood Rot

INSIDE : Learn how to easily repair wood rot to give your curb appeal a whole new look and feel for MUCH less than replacing.

Repaired wooden front door screen

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Our painted gates and front door were in major disrepair. I got quotes to have new wooden gates built and because we have such a unique shape and pattern, the quotes were wildly high. So, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

A little wood repair was in need, check out below to see how simple it really is!

Here are some of the before rot pictures.

Before Gate


Mixwax Wood Hardener
Minwax Wood Filler
Plastic Spreaders
Sanding Blocks + Electric Sander

How to easily repair rotten wood

I was surprised at how easy it is to repair and clean up rotten wood.  All three of our outdoor gates were in major need of some wood repair.  

Remove old rotten wood

First, I used a scraper to remove all the old rotten wood from our gates.  It easily fell out, so this was a simple task.

Apply Wood Hardener

Next, I used Mirwax Wood Hardener to secure all the remaining wood in the open gapping area.  I applied it with a disposable sponge brush until the wood had a shiny finish.

Wood Hardener

One the wood appears shiny, it’s time for it to dry.  Allow to dry for 2 to 4 hours.

Apply Wood Filler

After you wait the allotted time, you apply Mirwax wood filler.  Using a plastic spreader, apply the filler and spread it smoothly across the wood.  Sand as needed.

You can see the wood filler below in the orange/wood color. It’s difficult to tell from the photo, but it has been sanded smooth to the touch. I started playing around with paint colors, gray or blue.

Wood Filler on gate
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Fresh Coat of Paint

Once I decided on a paint color, I gave the gates, trim and front door a fresh coat! It’s amazing what paint can do to an interior room in your home and the same goes for outside.

Be sure to use exterior paint when painting outside to give it a nice long lasting look.

Repaired wooden gate

And our front screen door got a little wood repair and paint job, too.

Wood Rot Gate repair

After you have repaired your wood rot issues, it’s time to give those gates and front doors a new coat of paint. Check out how I went from raspberry red to a soft moody blue!

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Looking for my other outdoor Curb Appeal projects? Look no further!

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