How to Paint an Arch Accent Wall

INSIDE : Jump on this fun, easy interior trend and learn how to paint an Arch Accent Wall in your home. From a solid painted arch to a more graphic design, the DIY ideas are endless!

Graphic Painted Arch

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I have been seeing simple painted arches showing up all over the place in people’s homes. It is a very easy paint technique that in just a few hours can completely change the look of someone’s home.

I’ve seen people paint an arch over their bed to mimic a headboard. I’ve seen people painting arches over sideboards and console tables. I even saw someone paint an arch over their doorway, which I thought was so clever. This trend is one that is approachable and fun. I decided to try to put my own spin on this simple idea and made mine a bit more graphic in style!

What supplies do I need to paint an arch?

Paint (I used Behr Intergalactic + Behr Zen)
Painter’s tape
Ruler, Measuring Tape
Pencil + Eraser
Push pin
Wooster Shortcut Angle Paintbrush – This is my FAVORITE brush.
Medium Angled Craft paint brush
Step Stool + Ladder

Painting Arch supplies

How do I paint an arch in my house?

Since I was placing my arch above a desk with shelves, I started first with measuring everything out. I drew a sketch first on paper with my layout. My desk was 30.5″ tall and I placed my first shelf 24″ above that. Then I had each shelf 14″ from each other.

I used masking tape to layout on the wall where everything would be located. This really helped because I ended up deciding only on three shelves after doing this.

Living Room Arch layout

How to make a perfect hand-drawn arch:

It’s actually quite easy to create a perfect hand drawn arch using a pencil, string and a pushpin. Start by marking the two outside edges of your vertical lines of the arch. Then find the center of the arch and place a pushpin there.

Measure the height of your arch and cut a piece of string to that length. Tie your string around your push pin and the other end of the string around a pencil. Double check to make sure the length of your string still is the same length.

Now, lightly mark your arch on the wall with the pencil. Be sure to keep your pencil straight while making your mark. It should then line up perfectly with the vertical arch lines.

Hand-drawn arch

Next, start laying out the width of your accent arch pattern with painter’s tape. I wanted my lines to be 3.5″ wide, so I started with the outside line and measured in – placing painter’s tape on each side.

Painter's Tape lines

To tape out the arch, simply tear your painter’s tape into small 2-3″ strips and follow along your pencil line.

Arch Painter's Tape

I wanted an organic medium thin line for the arch, so I used a medium sized angle craft brush for the brushstrokes. If you wanted, you could draw lines with a ruler, but I wanted my lines to be perfectly imperfect in straightness and distance.

I loved the deepness of the Behr Intergalactic paint color.

Painting a graphic arch

Once I removed the painter’s tape and allowed the paint to fully dry, I measured out another 1″ and retaped my lines to make the outside light gray green Zen paint line.

Graphic Arch

I lined up the outside line perfectly with my shelf edges and that small detail makes me smile every time I walk by!

Painted Stripes

After hanging the shelves, it was time for the best part – styling!

Living Room Painted DIY Arch

I gave the new baking soda paint technique a try for the top terra cotta pot and I’ve got to say – it’s so addicting. I’ll be sharing how to do that on Monday!

Gray and green painted arch

Of course, I filled other shelves with plants like my newly beloved Angel Wing Begonia (the one with the polka dots), a trailing hoya and a faux cactus.

Living Room Arch

Since this is where my kiddos take turns doing distance learning school, task lighting and an endless supply of pencils are key to have nearby.

Desk Lamp

I adore how this project turned out. Since I haven’t seen anyone make an arch like this, there was a bit of a learning curve for me to figure out the perfect spacing and making it all work perfectly with the shelf spacing and desk.

Graphic Painted Arch

But wow, now that it is over – I couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s the perfect accent moment in our living room, without over powering.

And anytime I get to add more plants and cute little chachkies to my home… I’m pretty all in.

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Painted Arch Living Room

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